Two member of gangs involved in house incidents arrest by Police

Islamabad, (Parliament Times) : During the operations against the criminal anti-social elements in Shahzad Town and Shalimar areas of Islamabad, two member gangs involved in house incidents were arrested after entering the houses armed and making the families hostage. The stolen gold jewellery About Rs.32,00,000, was recovered from the possession of the accused. According to the details, in the light of the order of SSP Investigation Islamabad Maria Mehmood, under the direction of DSP Investigation (Property),
Formed a special team of RDU consisting of
Rana Tasneem Ahmed ASL with others to trace the gang involved in the increasing house incidents in Islamabad district. The RDU team had been working day and night to trace the unknown accused by using their professional skills to trace the gang involved in domestic incidents and traced the unknown gang to different locations based on technical and human resources. The suspects of two member gangs involved in the domestic incidents were caught and the gold ornaments were taken from the possession of the accused with a total value of Rs. 32,00,000 recovered. The accused have been referred to the Judicial Court for conducting an identification parade. The accused gang’s method of occurrence was that the gang armed themselves and entered the houses under the pretext of taking up domestic jobs and tied the families with ropes and stole gold from their houses. They snatched the jewellery and cash and escaped. The two accuse of the gang, named Razia Bibi, wife of Muhammad Javed, casts Muslim Shaikh, resident of Mathaluk Tehsil and Sargodha District and
Zahoor Ahmed, son of Muhammad Yousaf, resident of Chak no. 107 South Tehsil and District Sargodha were arrested. The cases against the accused, case no, 284 dated 22-04-25 Crime section 394 ,Police Station Shahzad Town, Islamabad, case no,135 dated 22-02-17 crime section, 392/411 Police Station Shalimar, Islamabad case no. 513 dated 22-09-03 crime suction 392/411 Police Station Shalimar, Islamabad,were registered. Appreciating the hard work and dedication of the RDU team, the senior officers also announced cash prizes and certificates of appreciation to encourage the police team for their good performance.

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