Stop chasing Happiness

Arisha Irshad Ali
You need to realize that happiness is not something you seek — it’s something you become.The happiness of pleasure, the happiness of excellence, and the happiness of grace are the three different kinds of happiness. We must comprehend the type of pleasure we aspire to. When you take delight in instant gratification, you experience the happiness of pleasure. like when you have your favorite dish and are famished. This is pleasure’s delight. When you beat your fear and scale your biggest mountain, you’ll find true happiness. Your ability to endure discomfort and the strength of your resolve will determine how much pleasure you experience. Being thankful, or at the very least amazed and intrigued by the synchronicity of our lives, if not the intrinsic mystery of it all, is the happiness of grace. Your happiness will fill you with a positive spirit that will enable you to succeed in life.All you need to consider is the type of pleasure you want to experience. Because” Lots of red won’t make blue. pleasure won’t make you whole”. The cheat sheet is we must underline which kind of happiness we want. The more discomfort you choose, the happier and fortunate you will be. The happiness equation is ( happiness= reality – expectation). As a human, we tend to have expectations that in long run ruin us. Instead of anticipating, we must have faith in the deed. We tried to escape suffering because we were aware that if we remained still, failure would be our lot in life. Even so, we favor ease over achievement. The desire to advance eventually reflects our desire for happiness. Simply making deliberate progress toward your objective is the essence of happiness. Your struggles will be what make you what you are. discomfort is the pressure usually require to make us act in a way that we wouldn’t otherwise. This, on the surface, feel scary, because it is unknown. But the most difficult moments of your life will be the catalyst of your becoming. The challenges will grow you into something you never imagine you could be. The “bad” things in your life will be the necessary leeway into things better than you can imagine. You will be grateful things didn’t turn out the way you wanted.It is why heartbreak is crucial to human growth. The obstacle that becomes the way. Any idiot can enjoy the positive things in their lives, but it is only a few that can take the negative and find something more profound. Happiness is a byproduct of doing things that are challenging, meaningful, beautiful, and worthwhile. The is worthful to do something profound and life-altering stuff rather than just hoping for the best and hitting the sack. A relationship makes you whole. Because we are social creatures who yearn for connection, relationships play a role in helping us communicate with our inner selves. You must decide to adore. Although it may sound annoying counsel, you must continue to pursue the people who make you feel alive, the activities you enjoy (even if they don’t produce the desired results), and the goals you have for yourself. Even if it makes you nervous, you must choose love. (In fact, your fear about doing something is proportionate to your love for it) At the end of the day, to avoid pain is to avoid happiness(they are opposite forces but in the same function) To numb ourselves to one side of our feeling capacity is to shut down everything. It leaves us chasing the kind of empty happiness that never really fills us and leaves us shells of the people we are destined to be.

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