Report by: Aesthetics International Network

Out of 33 million books on Amazon, one book stands out for sake of the uniqueness of its approach and experimentation. “Seeds of Advice to Sail Through Hard Times” by Vikram Khaitan is based on the premise, while physical illness is well perceived, there is minimal measurement system to gauge the problems of the mind. Issues of the mind like anger, arrogance, lust, greed, bewilderment, jealousy, grief, fear, depression, discrimination, laziness, loneliness, despair, temptation, sinfulness and wandering mind are dealt with apt and practical solutions. The author has used specific remedies from the ancient philosophical contexts from the Bhagavad Gita, and corroborated them with the research works of modern behavioural scientists. Once the mental muck is cleansed, allow the milk of kindness and forgiveness to flow, seek peace from within, and walk on the path of spiritual realization. It is a well curated roadmap with ample research, stories and anecdotes to grip the readers’ attention from cover to cover. Vikram is Amazon #1 international bestseller for six times in a row.

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