By Anjad Yousafzai

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) central leader and Former special assistant to Prime Minister Malik Amin Aslam has said that PTI should not be pushed against the wall and assured that the general election will be held on time. He was talking to newsmen after addressing party workers on Sunday. Commenting on the government move to arrest the PTI chief, he claimed that Imran Khan enjoyed immense public support, and said that no one should think of “sidelining him from mainstream politics”. Responding to a question, Mr Aslam has said that PTI Chief Imran Khan had already announced that he was ready for a political discussion, adding that those who are attempting to arrest the former premier “are trying to derail the conciliatory process.” Referring to recent public participation in anti-government rallies by the PTI supporters, he claimed that the masses across the country have already decided to support the opposition party even before the electioneering. Assailing the government’s performance, he said that the government failed at all fronts and there is no government stand in the country while the state affairs are being run through “auto-pilot” mode. He said that ever increasing inflation, skyrocketing prices of kitchen commodities and massive increase in the prices of electricity, gas and petrol has made the life of the public miserable.

He said in the history of the country, there had never been such an increase in inflation under the rule of the present government. He added that the PML-N led government failed in managing the economy and the country was stuck in the quagmire of debt. He was of the view that the only way out of this crisis was to conduct clean and transparent elections. Responding to a question, he explained that general elections were also necessary in the country immediately because economic woes could not be overcome without political stability, however, Mr Aslam claimed that Imran Khan enjoyed immense public support, and said that no one should think of “sidelining him from mainstream politics”.

He said that the party popularity graph is increasing with each passing day due to two main reasons, one due to anti people policies of the incumbent government especially ever increasing prices of utilities as well kitchen items and secondly political victimization of PTI leadership through police and other state institutions.

Responding to a question about division of party ranks over award of tickets in the district, he said that differences of opinion always remain in every party at every level and we hoped that everybody would accept the decision of party leadership in the award of the provincial and national assembly ticket in the Attock. He said that he would file an application to award a ticket for the national assembly while his son is vying to contest polls for the provincial assembly seat.

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