New York:  President of Kashmir Global Council Farooq Siddiqui said that Kashmir Global Council announced to hold the Washington Kashmir Conference on March 8 in Capitol Hill, Washington DC, USA. The conference will be organized by the Women’s Fund and the significance of the event is that it will be held on the occasion of International Women’s Day, which will highlight the need for women’s empowerment worldwide.The theme of the agenda is “Empowerment of Women” and “Kashmir a Colony in the 21st Century”.Expert speakers at the conference will highlight the issues facing the world regarding the participation of women and people in general at the grassroots level in developing democracies and countries with authoritarian regimes.Gender equality, equity, and women’s empowerment are fundamental requirements for the realization of human rights and are key to effective and sustainable development outcomes.Women should have equal access to quality education and health care as equal partners. Accumulating and controlling their assets, using their voice and living free from restrictive gender norms and violence will be the topics. Speakers will also emphasize the issue of Kashmir and the people living there which had been forcibly separated for more than seven decades along arbitrary lines called the Line of Control, a line demarcated by India and Pakistan, and the Line of Actual Control demarcated by India and China. has been done These arbitrary lines that cut through village settlements and areas of immense resources reflect a colonialist mindset that must be abandoned in the 21st century.These areas are controlled by absolute military power without any universally recognized sovereignty claims and violate the UN Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.Speakers will suggest how the United States would help Kashmiris in the region’s new and evolving geopolitical and geoeconomic setting.Who want to reassert their sovereignty over these regions but find themselves caught between a resurgent China, an unstable Afghanistan and ideologically hostile India and Pakistan? are trapped. Beverly Hill President of Gender Equality America, Shuja Nawaz former director of South Asia Center Washington, Khola Siddiqui Columbia University, Saba Qadri Columbia University, and others will participate in the conference.

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