55 billion rupees can be obtained from health levy to meet revenue shortfall: PANAH

RAWALPINDI,  (Parliament Times) : Pakistan is currently going through a critical period. In the negotiations with the IMF, there is talk of increasing taxes on many necessities of life. Tax increase is the compulsion of the government, but this tax should be increased on things that affect the common man the least. Tobacco and sugary drinks are the things that are leading to serious diseases. The annual expenditure on tobacco-related diseases is estimated at more than 615 billion rupees annually. Similarly, if we talk about the diseases caused by sugary drinks, the treatment of diseases caused by diabetes alone is estimated to be more than 2640 million US dollars. By raising taxes on sugary drinks and tobacco, the government can get an additional revenue of Rs 80 billion annually and this can significantly reduce the expenditure on diseases. That means a win-win situation for the government.
A health levy bill was passed which is not being implemented due to industry interference. If implemented, it can generate revenue of Rs 55 billion.
We request the Prime Minister and the Foreign Minister that instead of increasing the tax on the necessities of life, tax should be collected from the non-essential items, which will have a double benefit. Revenue will also be received and diseases will also be reduced and the expenditure on health will also be reduced.

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