KC-EU holds Candle Light Vigil in Brussels for solidarity with the oppressed Kashmiris in IIOJK: 

Altaf Hamid RAO.

MIRPUR (Parliament Times): Brussals ~based Kashmir Council Europe (KC-EU) Sunday hosted an event of candle light vigil in Brussels, the capital of Belgium in order to express solidarity with oppressed people of Indian illegally Occupied Kashmir (IIOK) on Solidarity day.  

The program was managed to mark Kashmir Solidarity Day at European Squire in front of Central Station in Brussels, the EU headquarters. A BBC’s documentary about violence against Muslims in India and atrocities against the people of Jammu and Kashmir was also been shown on a wider screen through a projector, KC (EU) Chairman Ali Raza Syed later told our Special AJK  Correspondent Altaf Hamid Rao in a telephonic chat Sunday night.

“It should be noted that in this (BBC) documentary, with reference to an unpublished report of the British Foreign Ministry, it is stated that the current Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who was the Chief Minister of Gujarat before was responsible for creating an atmosphere of violence during the 2002 riots in Gujarat. More than a thousand people were killed in these riots, most of whom were Muslims”, Syed said.

At the same time, many Muslim women were sexually assaulted under the plan and serious human rights violations were committed by the Gujrat’s police.

The film also upraised police’s violence during the implementation of the Indian controversial Citizenship Act in 2019.

The BBC’s documentary put ups the questions about India’s democratic system under the Narendra Modi government and the polarization of India on the basis of religion. The documentary also highlighted violations of the rights of Kashmiris. A Video about Kashmir was also displayed on the wider screen on the occasion. A number of Europeans while crossing the Europe Squire paid specially attention on the event and asked questions about the situation in occupied Kashmir.

During the program, a number of Pakistanis and Kashmiris living in Europe and representatives of various social organizations and political parties visited the occasion at the Europe Square and expressed solidarity with the oppressed people of Illegally Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

Organizer of the program and Chairman of Kashmir Council EU, Ali Raza Syed said that Indian authorities in Occupied Kashmir are demolishing the properties of people under the pretext of encroachment and militancy. Kashmiri youths imprisoned are being taken out of the Indian jails and extrajudicially killed by the Indian forces and by changing the domicile laws, India has so far issued residence permits to 4.2 million non-state (non-Kashmiri) residents in Occupied Kashmir.

On the occasion, Chairman Kashmir Council EU Ali Raza Syed said, we express   solidarity with the oppressed people of Indian occupied Kashmir suffering from Indian brutalities for above last seven decades.

By condemning the atrocities and genocide of Kashmiris committed by Indian Occupation forces, Ali Raza paid great tribute to the brave people of Kashmir struggling for their right to self-determination.

Chairman KC-EU emphasized said, we will continue our support to the people of Kashmir till suitable resolution of the Kashmir dispute. People of Kashmir are struggling peacefully for right to self-determination and there should be plebiscite under United Nations supervision in order to make clear political fate of the disputed territory of Jammu and Kashmir.

Chairman Kashmir Council EU pointed out that deployment of eight lakhs Indian troops in IIOK is a proof of brutal occupation as a large scale human rights violations are being committed by these occupation forces. By use of force and brutalities specially massacre of the innocent Kashmiris, the Indian authorities are engaged to press the peaceful mass movement.

Ali Raza Syed demanded that UN and EU should play their role for a peaceful resolution of the Kashmir issue. He also urged the Human Rights Organizations to pressurize India to stop severe violations of human rights in IIOJK.

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