Civil Servant of Information Group Dr. Sohail Aftab successfully defended his thesis and completed Ph.D

ISLAMABAD,   (Parliament Times) : Dr. Sohail Aftab has completed his PhD research under the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) under the supervision of renowned scholar Dr. Marien Albers of the University of Hamburg, Germany. The title of his thesis was “Protection of the Fundamental Right to Privacy in Pakistan”, in which the basic principles have been derived by analyzing the philosophy of law and the European legal system. In his paper, Sohail Aftab has presented a critical review of the journalistic content of the Pakistani media, with reference to the intrusion into the personal lives of Pakistani journalists and reporters during the coverage of sexual violence and highly sensitive issues related to children and women has been discussed. Violations of journalistic values ??have also been highlighted during legal and judicial proceedings of such cases. He has tried to prove that privacy is an important component of human dignity. This fundamental right is fully protected by the European Court of Human Rights and its member states, Germany and the United Kingdom. In the paper, detailed suggestions have been made regarding the legislation and required legal reforms to protect the right to privacy. Sohail Aftab has also attached an outline of the proposed legislation in this regard in his research. It is hoped that his PhD thesis will not only add to the body of knowledge but also provide guidance to policy makers in Pakistan for any kind of privacy protection legislation.

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