I prefer myself as vocal person as a ambassador of my larkanian I want to inform stakeholders and I want to ask from them that you ever lived in larkana or came to an visit in larkana. how people living in larkana you can’t even think. It’s likely to be called 4 largest city of Sindh. But have you ever thought? that it’s definitely proving on the title or not?.no doubt govt is doing as much as they can but what about those stake holders who are doing work theft. I want to aware the government that a lot of problems surrounding in larkana. Water problem and hell problem of load shedding of electricity from which in summer people of larkana can’t survive,don’t have proper cleaning system and drainage system. These all over problems. This is our right as a citizen to inform you about facilities which want which Sindh wants. We also don’t forget to mention the work of government which they have done for the people of sindh. Government has done a very effective step by introduced peoples bus service in all over Sindh and SSWMB door to door cleaning services. along with this government of Sindh is introducing Pakistan first electric bus service in Karachi which need to be appreciate. It’s our work to remind you about your progress and where some things need to be fixed. Hope we will not despair.

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