Book review: The Metamorphosis Novella by Franz Kafka

A. Rameez Arijo
B. This great Novella ” The Metamorphosis” is written by a very renowned author Franz Kafka and was first published in 1915. Franz Kafka was born into an upper-middle-class, German-speaking Jewish family on July 3, 1883, in Prague, Bohemia. This Novella tells us the story of a salesman called Gregor Samsa and his family. One night Gregor Samsa had a bad dream when he woke up he found himself transformed into a vermin. His family members got worried that why Gregor was still lying on the bed and hadn’t gone to the office but when they eventually opened the door of the room his family members got startled and started crying because of the transformation of Gregor. Gregor Samsa was the only provider to his family when he got changed his aged father had to work. In the beginning, his family members loved and cared for him as before. Gregor’s sister “Grete” would serve him food. She was the only one with whom Gregor had interaction. Gregor became happy with his new shape when he saw no change in his family’s behaviour. As time passed Gregor became a burden for his family even Grete got bitter and she wanted him no more. He wouldn’t get food for days. He got too thin and small. One day Gregor starved to death.From this novella, one gets the lesson that you are loved and cared for as long as you benefit someone but the day you become useless you will be neglected even by the closest one

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