Addiction of video games

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In October 1958, physicist William Higinbotham invited video games, his first video game was simple tennis, he invited video games to capture visitors’ interest, but He couldn’t think that it makes human life dangerous, humans are being addicted to video games, they waste their precious time to play games as well as their physical health get the effect by video games. The teenage son of Kendal Parmar was the first child who was addicted to Games, He was from London, and now 8.4% of children and teenagers are addicted to games, of which,11-12% are boys and 6-7% are girls, they all are wasting their time,Most of the students are busy playing video games, they don’t give their time to study. The number of children is unstable because by thinking power they get weak for minor pleasure who shout throughout society to full fill their basic facility of games. many families belonging to very poor won’t be able to receive thrice time food but provide the demand aberration needs for children. The school children lost their consciousness and good health by playing different dangerous games and unhealthy activities. While they get fail or less marks in exams and they blame God that he gives us them abnormalities we can’t do their work perfectly, furthermore, video games affect infants’ physical health which smitten them with such diseases. The children always play video games on their phones and they don’t do other activities even though they don’t walk. so, their physical health gets the effect they get diseases in addition. science says, if your body doesn’t do other activities, it is always at rest so your body gets Myocardial infarction, the person who always plays video games. As well their body get the effect by Myocardial infarction because they are always at rest, many countries have made organizations for those who are addicted to games, and they use to make busy children with several technical sports to grow up their minds and give them tasks to compete with other worlds. Finally, for addressing the problem of addiction to Video games parents should not permit their children to play games if the children wanted to play games, they should make a timetable for playing games, if anyone is addicted to Video games the government should make a policy to control or limit the unnecessary games to the country and increase the taxes unapproachable for smalls and Young.

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