Imported government sunk country & people: Malik Karim Khan

Peshawar, (Report by Wisal Ahmad) : According to Global Times Media Europe, political and social figure Malik Karim Khan said that the imported government has sunk the country and the people, which is regrettable. He said that the PDM government has destroyed the country’s economy. The country has been referred to the IMF, which is cruelty to the country’s people. The imported government has been imposed not to stabilize the economy, but to lead the country to destruction, which is a betrayal of the country by the PDM government. Due to the fact that inflation is increasing day by day, better measures are needed to maintain inflation so that basic facilities are available to the people. Political and social personality Malik Karim Khan said in a newspaper statement with the international Global Times Media Europe. He said that Imran Khan is the only public leader who wants to take Pakistan towards development and prosperity.

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