Previous prophets did not have privilege of being able to prostrate anywhere on earth: Muhammad Abdhul Qadeer Awan.

Islamabad (Parliament Times): The good or bad actions taken by us individually and collectively affect the society just like when there was an earthquake during the era of Hazrat Umar Farooq RA, then he hit the ground and said, “Are you not getting justice?” From this we get the lesson that if we look as a whole, the various calamities that are upon us at this time are the result of our actions.
Ameer Abdul Qadir Awan Sheikh Naqshbandiyya Owaisiya and head of Al-Ikhwan organization Pakistan addressed a large number of visitors on the occasion of the monthly spiritual gathering.
He said that the previous prophets did not have the privilege of being able to prostrate anywhere on earth. This special reward was given to the Prophet ? that the whole earth was made to prostrate. Now we should be grateful for this grace. . He created us the ummah of the Holy Prophet ?. In the presence of Allah, neither form nor wealth is seen, but pure intentions and deeds will be seen. Here remembrance of Allah Pak is done purely to please Allah.
May Allah give us the right consciousness. In the end, he also offered a collective prayer for national security and survival.

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