When the Phone Was Tied with Wire, We Were Free

Usama Saleem
Addiction to anything can be harmful. Today’s generation use cell phones for their needs. We can see it by passing the streets how people are using their phones. They don’t have a moment to say hi or good morning to any elder on the way. They don’t see the beauty scattered around them. Humans are nowadays totally dependent on their cell phones. They can stay with a one-time meal but can’t stay a moment without a cell phone. Nowadays every person wishes to be online every moment. We are slaves of technology. We lost our creative mindset and good manners. We don’t know how to manage our time. We don’t know how to overcome loneliness and how to cope with depression because we don’t have time to spend with ourselves. We don’t have personal space. With the help of the phone, we know what’s happening around the globe but we don’t have time to play our role. We see people suffering but we never try to indulge truly ourselves in something productive. Social media is a great platform for this generation to perform their role positively but here we again lack positive counseling. The first thing we should teach this fast generation is how to be productive. We need to teach them the positive role of technology and warn them of its addiction. Today students have every means of information or knowledge but they lack guidance. They don’t pay any attention to their surrounding issues because they love scrolling social media. Also, the cell phones of low-class people can be hacked easily because they don’t have good knowledge of using them and once their cell phones hacked then the hacker will start blackmailing them. Criminals use their phones for the culprit nature. International money laundering becomes possible because of phone connections. Secondly, before generation x(1965-1980) everything was simple and close to nature. Humans were not that cunning, they helped each other in bad times. They all knew each other. After their duty, people used to sit together for discussion and enjoyment. They would discuss each other’s problems and then solve each other’s problems. They were wise and lovers of literature. And closed to nature. In last, cell phones brought a revolution in this era which we so-called new generation. Cell phones are useful too. With the help of cell phones, we can chat with anyone around the globe. We got to know different cultures just because of technology. But we should use it in limit. So, the conclusion is that addiction to anything is really like slavery. When there was no advanced technology and phone was tied with wire human were free and the world was at peace. Everyone cared for others. But after the invention of the smart phone humans are so dependent on the smart phone that they forget their selves. It is a kind of electronic leash for humanity. When cell phones were tied to the wire, humans were free. Nowadays cell phones are not tied with wires, but humans are tied to cell phones. We need to understand the concept of misuse and addiction.

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