Unemployment in Pakistan

Zakia Jamali
Unemployment is the condition in which a worker is unable to find work despite being able and willing to work. Orsan Scott Card said: “Unemployment is the capitalist way of making you plant a garden.” Student Looking at the situation in Pakistan, sadly many people are unemployed. Some were extremely talented, while others, despite having a good education and meeting all the requirements for a particular job, were unable to get a job. The unemployment rate in Pakistan has risen by 6.5%, with 1 in 10 people in the country being unemployed. The unemployment rate in urban areas rose from 2% to 10.1%, while in rural areas it rose from 4.3% to 5%. In 2020, Pakistan’s use Introductionemployment rate is around 4.45%, down slightly from his 4.65% the previous year. The unemployment rate could reach 5.0% by the end of 2021, according to Trading Economics’ global macro model and analyst forecasts. According to official statistics, economic growth forecasts have nearly wiped out the informal sector, where her three out of four people work, leaving people without their livelihoods between April and July of the previous year. Pakistan’s labor market plummeted by 13% in the April-June 2020 quarter, leaving 20.7 million workers out of work, according to the report “Special Study to Assess the Socioeconomic Impact of COVID-19 on People’s Well-Being”. lost their jobs and sick workers were left behind. unskilled young workers. Unemployment refers to the share of the labor force that is without work but available for and seeking employment. • Pakistan unemployment rate for 2021 was 4.35%, a 0.05% increase from 2020. • Pakistan unemployment rate for 2020 was 4.30%, a 0.76% increase from 2019. • Pakistan unemployment rate for 2019 was 3.54%, a 0.54% decline from 2018. • Pakistan unemployment rate for 2018 was 4.08%, a 0.16% increase from 2017. Unemployment Rate in Pakistan is expected to reach 6.20 percent by the end of 2022, according to Trading Economics global macro models and analysts expectations. Such an environment should be created by governments, which inspire industrialists to create more and more industries. There are many people who have very creative minds but are facing high interest rates for personal loans in Pakistan. The government needs to start programs to encourage and encourage them. Entrepreneurs should be encouraged to start their own businesses. The unemployed can always be a danger to the welfare of the nation. The unemployed youth of this country are frustrated and fall victim to drug addiction, theft, violence and many other social harms. . Terrorists, drug dealers and smugglers involve them in their evil activities. According to statistics, he has killed 136 people just because he lost his job. The unemployment rate is the percentage of unemployed people in the labor force. Unemployment adversely affects family disposable income, lowers worker confidence, undermines purchasing power, and lowers economic output. Causes of unemployment. There are three major causes of unemployment, economic causes, social causes and financial causes. The use of advanced technology, mechanization of agriculture, low industrial growth rate and reduction in foreign employment all comes under economic causes and need great attention. The second are social causes which include: high population rate, widespread illiteracy, lack of technical education, nepotism and favouritism, re-employment, political instability, rural-urban migration and Afghan refugees. The third set are financial causes which include: deficiency of capital and lack of credit facilities.All of these causes should be addressed in a timely manner. Factors contributing to unemployment are poor governance, political instability and corruption. First of all, attention should be paid to the causes of unemployment. For if the foundation and roots are not strong, it is useless to try to bear fruit. Strong roots are needed for good fruit production. Therefore, to create a better and more productive society, we must focus on our factors. Not Done Without law-abiding people, everyone thinks they’re better and does what they want. Breaking the law weakens the system and discourages people from investing or creating industries in the country. Unemployment can be converted into employment through certain measures. Governments need to act smart and plan well. The education system needs to be improved, well managed and should be equal for all. The government should establish well-known technical and training institutes where qualification programs are offered. Motivational programs such as drug addiction and homeless programs should be put in place to encourage young people. We also need support programs for mental health issues. To create a better atmosphere, the concept of discrimination should be ended by society. Fiscal and monetary policy should be taken during a financial crisis. It is the job of the government to provide more facilities and benefits for investors to invest more in our country. Paraphrased Text Such an environment should be created by governments, which inspire industrialists to create more and more industries. There are many people who have very creative minds but are facing high interest rates for personal loans in Pakistan. The government needs to start programs to encourage and encourage them. Entrepreneurs should be encouraged to start their own businesses or continue family businesses. Unemployment is a big problem for any economy. This has a negative impact on the unemployed as they lose their jobs and have fewer opportunities to find new jobs, and those who are employed have less confidence to continue working in the future. It is the government’s job to closely monitor the enforcement of the law. The people of the country should help the government fight unemployment. Therefore, all citizens must truly abide by the rules and regulations and maintain discipline. Every individual, in addition to governments, must contribute to the success of our country. Solution of Unemployment in Pakistan Given Pakistan’s large population, it will be difficult for the government to resolve one of the country’s most pressing problems, unemployment. Nonetheless, we have provided some solutions to help reduce unemployment in Pakistan, and we are hopeful that by implementing these solutions, the percentage of unemployment in the country will be reduced or even eliminated entirely. The first step towards reducing unemployment in Pakistan is for the government of Pakistan to develop a comprehensive plan. It is necessary to build well-recognized training and technical institutes where skills programs can be delivered. At the very least, the retirement age should be 55 years old. Remove the energy situation so that investors will flock to Pakistan, resulting in the automatic creation of job opportunities. A picture containing text, electronics, keyboard Description automatically generated Peace should prevail throughout the country so that foreign investors would not be hesitant to make investments in Pakistan. It is necessary to improve the agricultural sector. Multinational corporations are interested in doing business in Pakistan. Centers for family planning should be established in order to stem the tide of overpopulation.


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