Rumors of No Confidence against AJK Govt Conspiracy against LB representatives :PTI AJK

ISLAMABAD, (Parliament Times) : Rumors of no confidence against the Azad Kashmir government are a conspiracy against the AJK movement and the people, which will not be allowed to succeed after 31 years. Some forces have become active against giving funds and authority to the local representatives who have started plotting against the government which we strongly condemn and the local representatives across Azad Kashmir have lost their Messiah, power to the grassroots level. The movers stand like a rock with Sardar Tanveer Ilyas, the first Prime Minister of AJK in history These views were expressed by the leaders of PTI Azad Kashmir and the newly elected representatives of local government, well-known jurist Zahid Akram Khan, Advocate Supreme Court of Azad Kashmir, Chairman Investment Board Sardar Amjad Jalil Khan, senior leader Ulema Mashaikh Wing Hafiz Basharat Azvi, well-known religious scholar Mufti. Mahmood Al Hasan Ashraf, Former Assembly Candidate Sardar Khattab Azam Khan, Former Assembly Candidate Sardar Wairat, Sardar Atiq Sakhawat Advocate, Sardar Imtiaz Shaheen, Raja Sabeel Ahmad, Tauseef Abbasi, Rehana Khan, Sardar Tahir Iqbal, Former Assembly Candidate Chaudhry Aamir Nazir, newly elected. Councilor Sardar Arshad, proved to be the Messiah

After 31 years, he buried the politics of the monopolists and brought the power to the grass root level and transferred the funds and powers to the representatives through which they will do development work in their area, the streets, but this is not known to those who sit in the power house. In Azad Kashmir, the election of mayor, chairman of the district council is yet to be held before this kind of conspiracy is the biggest injustice in history . He said that the PTI government’s holding local elections in Azad Kashmir, transfer of powers to the lower level, restoration of self-esteem of the common worker is a great achievement of the people of Azad Kashmir, PTI workers and local representatives with their Prime Minister. They are and will thwart the conspiracy against them.

And stand firm with your government and fight the conspiracy because PTI has the majority in the Azad Kashmir Assembly. The opposition can do anything, but it cannot spoil the government. Local body representatives from Bhimbar to Taobut are thankful to the Prime Minister for After 31 years, he gave them their basic right. He is the benefactor of Kashmiris. Any kind of conspiracy against him will be considered a conspiracy against the Kashmiri nation. Will stand with

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