Global Refugee Crisis: Who is Responsible and Who Should Share The Burden?

Mohammed Khaku
The United States is the biggest perpetrator of the global refugee crisis through its military actions, supporting ruthless regimes, defiance of international norms and biggest climate polluter, which leads to millions of refugees. In 2015, following a decree by the Supreme Leader of Iran, all undocumented refuges and children can enroll in public schools and into the health care plan known as Salamat health Insurance. Additionally, the Supreme leader Syed Khamenei has removed all refugee school fees for enrolment in public schools. This decree has resulted in an increase in the literacy rate amongst the Afghan refugees from 6% to 65% since their arrival in Iran. Why doesn’t Zionist Israel provide education and healthcare in the Occupied territories of Palestine? Is it to keep Palestinian children uneducated or is it racism or is it to control population? During my writing about the injustices on my blog Speak Up! Silent No More! I have often met with resentment from those who accuse me of narrating the negative side of US foreign policy. When I ask the person to give me some positive examples of US foreign policy, almost without exception, they say the Refuge program. Many including my close family and Afghans who have resettled in Lehigh Valley complained about Iran not taking refugees. That is false. Afghan refugees have frequently been used as scapegoats since British rule and occupation by the Soviet Union. Let me set the record straight! There are over 103 million forcibly displaced people worldwide due to the proxy wars, interference, and unending interventions by the USA. Turkey hosts 3.7 million followed by Columbia 2.5 million. The USA is at the bottom of the list.It is estimated that there 4.2 million Afghans live in Iran with over two million undocumented of which more than fifty percent reside in major three cities of Tehran, Isfahan, and Razavi Khorasan (Mashhad). I recently visited all three cities. The last two years statistics of the intake of refugees by the US are pathetic. In 2021, the United States resettled only 11,411 refugees, 25,465 refugees had been resettled during fiscal year 2022, far below than any country in the world. However, according to Pew Research Center USA has seldom welcomed refugees into the country. The conventional wisdom is that refugees are not a burden, nor dependent on welfare programs, nor compete for jobs, but are a taxpayer asset to the country. Let us be objective. How can Iran sustain the refugee influx of millions when the US has imposed 43 years of sanctions and has a policy to bring Iran oil export to Zero? The USA is the cause of the refugee crises with its war in Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Libya, and Yemen. USA should facilitate or take all those refuges; it is not a Muslim problem nor an Iranian problem, it’s American problem. It is a myth that the US does more for refugees, (look at the southern border) it only does if you are blonde hair, and blue eyes from Ukraine. Fox News host Tucker Carlson said, “So first we invade and then we’re invaded,” The bitter reality is that these Afghan refugees don’t have many friends around the world. European nations are reluctant to take them nor any Muslim countries because it is an American problem. What is the “color revolution”? Since the late 20th century, color revolutions incited by the USA have swept through Central Asia, the former Soviet Union, and Eastern European countries. Whether it is the “Green revolution” in Iran or “Rose Revolution” in Georgia in 2003, or the “Orange Revolution” in Ukraine in 2004, or the “Tulip Revolution” in Kyrgyzstan in 2005, “White Coat” in Syria, or the “Arab Spring”. The past four decades, the US has implemented regime change, supported dictatorial regimes and started proxy wars around the world, exporting “democracy” or “American values.” This is a travesty and mockery of American foreign policy.According to America’s Secret Cold War, by Lindsey A. O’Rourke, the US has engaged in 64 covert and 6 overt attempts at regime change from South America to Pakistan. The “Hijab revolution” in Iran was not spontaneous or unplanned. Its operation was orchestrated by political undertaking and financed by a terrorist State – USA.CIA planners first find a target they “dislike,” example – Iran after which they launch a social media warfare in conjunction with Anglo-Saxon Imperialist media. Then they find and organize a group of political activists like Green, or progressive, or Anti-Mullahs and provide them with information and financial support to intensify their opposition. Then, the planners help mobilize the masses by sending funds to their bank accounts to initiate political protests and awaiting the fall of the government. The planners also encourage the human rights organizations and media editors to write op-ed columns and false reports to encourage participation in the protest movement. CIA and other foreign actors have coordinated the action by planning, funding, instigating, and even hired mercenaries. The US now has developed a blueprint system of operation that can be conducted anywhere in the world. We all know the fate of leaders of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Panama and many South American countries. Congress authorizes the Coup d’état of Islamic Republic of Iran. President Bush labeled Iran as the “axis of evil”, while Congress has allocated over $100 million for democracy promotion (coup d’état) in Iran. Further $36.1 million is allocated to Voice of America television and Radio Farda for the overthrow of the government. Some reports indicate that the CIA with Mossed has spent millions of dollars by hiring/training Boko Haram (Nigeria), ISIS (Syria), Baluchi (Pakistan) and Taliban (Afghanistan) groups to carry out sabotage operations inside Iran. Thanksgiving Turkey has come to roast with Jan 6th insurrection. The MEGA Republicans and GOP pollsters are just like CIA agents who are working against Iran. These agents or pollsters mislead the millions of voters in this midterm election saying that there will be a “Red Tsunami” or “Red Wave.” In Matthew’s Gospel, Jesus teaches that on the Day of Judgment one’s salvation will be determined by whether one has welcomed the hungry, the thirsty and, most relevant here, the stranger (Mt 25:40). Book of Genesis: “that all people have been created in the image of God and are thus brothers and sisters as a single human family.” The Republicans, and Christian Right have no desire to resettle refugees, nor create democratic systems or promote human rights in the world. Their essential purpose is to exploit and control the resources of other countries through covert operation of regime change.

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