Society and our values

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Dr Asifa Hashmi
I have always been confused that whenever I see a “cultural” tag attached to a party, ceremony or meeting, but there is no culture. There is no doubt that culture in the view of nationalism is that of individuals. A symbol of national identity and pride and love for it is a natural process. And when a person is far away from his own culture, this love is felt more intensely. But here the confusion occurs when those events do not meet the definition of culture itself and are seen as merely dancing and singing songs around such an idea which has no relationship with the meaning of culture. According to the definition of culture in the dictionary, it is the collective expression of the ideas, customs and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement and the overall social behavior of a people or society.

This definition also includes those arts which are the result of social intellectual achievement of human beings. Seen in this sense, the steps taken by British rulers, representatives of Western civilization, to protect and promote their culture in the past are an example. At that time, if you look carefully, you will see every third person in the world dressed in English culture and feel more civilized while speaking their language. Shad will look happy by adopting their behavior, food habits and behavior. Most of us live a daily life full of their culture celebrating their “Culture Day”. For the promotion and protection of culture from the last century to the beginning of the last century, we were as serious as the western-bred British. Then, in a systematic way, we were made to believe that culture is not the ideas, customs, and human intellectual achievements of a people or society, nor is it the collective expression of other phenomena and the overall social behavior, but merely the presentation of clothing, language, and arts.

That day and today we have never culturalized our thoughts, customs, intellectual achievement and social behavior. In the beginning, it was an imperialist conspiracy so that their culture could rule over the local culture like them and their culture would not be subjugated by the subjugated. The one who wears suit boots and speaks in English is called Villa Babu and the Gowar who wears local clothes. A loyalist of Saab Bahadur was awarded the title of “Sir” while being called a traitor to his soil and values. But later, when the white man was replaced by the black man, he too kept his peace in the centuries-old attitudes of the ruler and the subjugated, and never made any effort for the supremacy of the original values.People started to feel connected to the culture by immersing themselves in dance and fun and in the meantime Kale Saab killed our real social values and social attitudes and instead nurtured their own twisted myths which led to We became more attached to western values and came to know it as more civilized.

While our original values are now only books, for which we were made to believe that bookish things are bookish, they are actionable. We also tied a knot on this that all the actionable things in the world are not scriptural and neither can any scriptural thing be actionable. This attitude created a contradiction between knowledge and practice and the result is that today, people with good academic credentials, even if they appear to be thinkers of ideas while spreading understandable ideas in social events, but in the private field of practice, they also fall in a common way. They are found to be possessing the characteristics. And this common style is not based on our real values, but is based on the myths that were given to us by first the white people and later the black people after giving death to our values.

In our society today, values like truthfulness, principledness, honesty, mercy, mutual respect and tolerance are propagated, but their status is unworkable in the book and it is obligatory if one gets knowledge about these values. So, according to our collective thinking, he will be considered as a crazy, crazy, stupid person. Such an interpretation of the middle culture, which is limited to entertainment like dances and entertainment with beautiful clothes, instead of self-improvement and appreciation of the above original social values, surely becomes easily imitated. But with this the ugliness of our society that has developed in this period becomes more clear and brings out the picture of our society where our values are violated with great fanfare. And the surrounding injustices, brutality, intolerance, division after division do not crawl on our ears. Of course, language and clothing are important metaphors to express love for culture, which is also an admirable act, but if a special day is needed for such an expression, and this love makes us feel our real, ritual and If we are not able to get rid of the myths that have been imposed on us by people for years while enlightening the collective expression of customs and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement and general social behavior, then it is just a futile effort and not a culture.

As long as we continue to consider only beautiful clothes and dancing as culture without understanding the real meaning of culture, then our cultural rallies may be wonderful, but the discrimination, hatred and intolerance among us, and the myths like caste-ism are possible to end. no. And then many lives will be taken after one goat and it will be called honor. Yes, the pride that comes to us for the smallest thing, if our ego is a hindrance, but whenever it comes to speaking the truth or the right to be destroyed, this pride is covered with a blanket of negligence. It is a prayer that our values become the foundation of our character and ignite our culture and its charm shines on the whole world in such a way that the whole world is seen colored in its colors and we don’t have to wait for any day to express it. May our every moment and every day be as happy as the days of a mere culture.

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