Change a Non-Traditional security threat to Pakistan

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Syeda Alishba Zainab
Climate change is one of the major problem that the world is being confronted by, almost every one of us around the globe if affected by it. It is clearer than ever that the Earth’s weather is changing speedily. As consistent with evidence based on numerous researches, the adjustments in climatic styles can end resulting into catastrophic outcomes on individuals all around the global whether a country is developed, developing or underdeveloped, the influences of climate trade are already being visible in majority of areas geographically. As a result of the glaciers melting and the rising ocean levels, Extreme heat waves and droughts have become more frequent events along with rainfall & floods. Developing countries are more prone to climate changes and those effects are projected to worsen within the coming years. Our state nonetheless is one of them which is vulnerable towards this problem. Due to its geographical diversity and a large number of tropical and continental weather systems, the county already experiences several climate- and climateassociated natural disasters (warm summers and bloodless winters). Pakistan frequently experiences heat waves, droughts, flash floods, landslides, and cyclones or sea storms. Climate change is anticipated to increase the intensity and frequency of those activities as well as make people more vulnerable. It is expected that there would be significant temperature increases over the globe (high confidence), especially in the snow covered mountainous north, which may hasten glacial softening and alter downstream Indus River flow patterns. Pakistan is a low-income country with a Rising sea levels, ferocious storms, scorching heat, horrific fires, Extreme drought and floods. Along with shortage of water in Pakistan. Pakistan is an agricultural country such drastic weather changes effects our crops as well. The consequences of climate change are already endangering our children’s future, our economy, our security, and our health. Climate exchange has the potential to cause huge-ranging and sturdy negative comments loops among livelihoods and health. But what are the causes of climate change? Is it really just a natural occurring phenomenon? Bitter but reality is, We humans are responsible for it. Yes It may sound senseless but it is the truth. All this happening today & most probably will occur repeatedly in future is a part of pattern created by human activities. The burning of fossil fuels contributes to climate change, which results in planetary warming, which manifests as drought, floods, mega floods, wildfires, low agricultural yields, mass migration, etc. Now reconsider whether all of the aforementioned has truly occurred naturally? See, it’s us humans. As we know that we are the ones responsible for it somehow, it is our duty to look at our activities and change. “Change only happens when individuals take action,” says clean energy advocate Aliya Haq. “There’s no other way, if it doesn’t start with people.” On national level government should build dams, should initiate afforestation and restoration programs. Put ban on vehicles that are potential threat to our climate and instead promote Fuel efficient vehicles. For Industrial waste we should introduce proper sewage systems to protect our climate. Along with that government should conduct regular seminars on this topic to aware general public. As an individual we can demand government to take strong, ambitious climate measures. We can use energy wisely & save money by using energy intelligently. Consume less, waste less & live more fully. Buy renewable energy and stop using fossil fuels. You should talk about this topic, should volunteer in seminars to create awareness, use social media to create awareness, reduce reuse & recycle. Living in a bubble of ignorance can only get us so far. It cannot be stressed how important it is to raise awareness of climate change in any way imaginable. Even though these things seem to be pointless but believe me they have an impact. As, at the end this largely agrarian economy, however it is gradually industrializing and more than one-third of the population currently lives in cities and towns. For livelihoods and food security, the nation heavily depends on its climate sensitive land, water, and forest resources. For 42 percent of the population, the agricultural sector continues to be a significant source of employment. The glacier-fed River Indus and its tributaries provide irrigation for about 90% of all agricultural. Heatwaves are likely to turn out to be more common and excessive all over Pakistan, and the number of ‘hot’ days and nights are anticipated to growth notably (high selfbelief) changes in rainfall tendencies aren’t clear, though there can be a few moving of seasons (peak summer rain transferring to August and peak winter rains shifting to March)probably. In short, The effects of Climate change are seen, are long lasting and sometimes irreversible threat is on all of us so prevention is better than cure. We must start taking small steps to bring bigger changes.

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