From Spain to White Swat

Naseebullah Khan
From Spain to White Swat is another Travelogue of 188 pages of Professor Dr. Liaquat Taban of his journey of Spain and Swat in 2022. The book has been published by Pahtun progressive writers forum from Gran publishing agency Swat. Before it Professor Dr. Liaquat Taban has written more then 20 books in which 8 are travelogues while two more travelgues named as Kabul and another of Kandahar and Hilmand have been published in Magzines. It is plausible that Mr. Taban has received many awards for his literary services including 10 awards from the provincial government of Balochistan. The travelogue contains twenty two chapters. He has tremendous and concisely written about the Spanish history. He writes that Spain is the 14th biggest ecnomic country in the world with reserves of 1.4 trillion USD. Its number on per person income is 29th in the world. In a population of 47 million, Catholic is the biggest religious sect with 67 percent of the total population. He says that Spain is a country that has an admirable system of social protection where education is free till post graduation, where the literacy rate is 98 percent. Like education, the health services in the country are free for its citizens for which th Spanish government has allocated 9 percent of the GDP. While for foreigners the same health services are costly. Owing to an heaven of attractive and historical places, 75 million tourists visit Spain annually. The writer articulates that Spain is located in Iberian penninsula and for the swift understanding for the readers Dr. Taban has provided with a map of Spain in his travelogue. He further elaborates that Spain is located at the Crossroad of Mediterranean and Atlantic Sea. He has beautiful talked about Madrid, Toledo, Barcelona, and Granada, their attractive places, about health, education, culture, and beautiful tourist destinations. The writer has also discussed Islamic rule in Spain. He states the people in Spain were fed up with the brutality, and cruel taxation system of the then king of Spain because of which they migrated to Africa where the Ummayad Governor Musa Bin Naseer was ruling. Musa bin Baseer sent many expedients to occupy Spain in which the most important was Tariq Bin ziad — a competent General. Who occupies Spain in 711 which lasted for about Eight centuries of Muslim rule in Spain. During their rule, Muslims in Spain contributed in many fields. During Islamic rule in spain as Dr. Taban declares was competing Baghdad and Damascuss in education, literature, Astronomy, history, Medical, Music, Agriculture, Health, libraries, and poetry. Many renowned figures such as Travellers Ibn-e-Batota, Ibe – Jabir, Religious scholars- Shamsudine Qartabi, Surgeon Abu Qasim-Al-Zahrawi, philosopher Ibn-e-Maja, Ibn-e-Rushd, Ibe-e-Arabi (The founder of Wahda tul Wajood concept), Astronomer Abu Ishaq- Al -zakali, historian ibn-e-Khaldoon, mathamtician Naseer-Ibne-Tousi, in Tib Ibn-e- Alhaseem, all contributed in his respected fields. The writer has given historic information about personalities, places, food, Music, Ships, culture, Mediterranean sea, sports, Music, Cinema, etc. of Spain. He tells the reader that Columbus is buried in Spain who had crossed Spain while reaching to America. He enunciates about National art Museum in Catalunya, the Sagrada Familia, a Temple of 135 years old that has 170 meter height and is in the list of heritage of the UNESCO and Montguic Castle that was Constructed in 1649 for the protection of Barcelona on the coast of Madeteerain Sea. He further puts into words that the Mediterranean sea is located in Africa, Europe, and Asia. Dr. Taban articulates that ships yard is a big industry in Spain which is hugely contributing in Spanish economy that was Started by Muslims The writer has also shed light on the foods in Spain. He says that Olive is immensely used in cooking in Spain and tells the readers that Spain is the biggest producer of Olive Oil in the world. Soup, meat of sheep, bull, Pig are famous in Spain. He further reveals that the people of Spain eat 5 times a day. Apart from Spanish foods, Dr. Taban talks about sports and says that Football, skiing, bull fighting, Tennis, and Basketball are major sports that are played in Spain. According to the writer there are 40 professional orchestras and 4 big opera houses in Spain. While talking about the Cinema and film industry the writer obserces that the Spanish people make 3 types of films such as Animated, documentary, and story telling. Dr Liaquat also talks about the use of Kinatic energy and says that it was started by Muslim rulers in Spain. The writer reveals that the first Aeroplane was invented by a Muslim Abbas Ibn- e- Firnas. It was that invention that made possible for Wright brothers to invent modren Aeroplane. Dr. Liaquat Taban in his travelogue has used a beautiful touch of Nature. As he is a voracious traveller hence, nature inspires him. He has beautifully used natural beauty such as Seas, Rain, cold, tress, hills, air, seasons, Sky, weather, and rain drops that make the reading more interesting. When he talks about Spanish weather, he is impressive and tells the readers that Spain has been divided in five different weather zones. A main feature of the travelogue which i have seen is the presence of naughty phrases. One may call Dr. liaquat a bold writer where he does not hesitate to write about the sex industry of Spain. For me, writhing about bold activities for the sake of information which have been a part of a culture should be appreciated rather tagging such writing as mental satisfaction. Dr. Liaquat writes that a beautiful girl was laying with a mobile in her hand. She was wearing a tight shirt and trouser where her body organs were attracting the young people and old all. On an another page he says, Six or seven attractive girls were sitting and were making different styles. Their body organs could clearly be seen by the naked eye. In that situation shutting of eyes was not possible. He further articulates that every thing was naked there. Their smart bodies, white knees? white faces, golden hair, and blue eyes, were worth seeing. On an other page he writes The girls of the South Spain are very fit and smart. On Page 140 he talks of a Sex Toy Shop and says that he entered in a shop where Sex toys were being sold. Man, women, young, and old all were busy in purchasing. Comparing it with our culture Dr. Liaquat observes that not to talk of selling and buying sex toys in our society we can even not think of watching these on internet. The second part of this travelogue is about Swat which is known as the Switzerland of Pakistan owing to its beauty. The writer has talked about the history, geography, population, codes of Wali Swat, writers activities in Swat, his participation in Seminars, his nostalgia in Swat, and beauty of Swat. In the end, i congratulate Dr. Taban on this master piece. Very rare Pashtun writer has been so consistent in writing and publishing books every year as Dr. Taban is. It proves his love for mother Pashto and his voracious spirit of writing and then disseminating his experiences and written from.

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