Performance of AJK government educational institutions open pool of public educational institutions: Khokhar

Muzaffarabad,  (Parliament Times) : The performance of Azad Kashmir and the results of government educational institutions have opened the pool of public educational institutions, while due to the trend of people towards private educational institutions, private educational institutions started charging arbitrary fees. Some private educational institutes are charging arbitrary fees from the public, the education department is selling horses and riding horses. With no checks and balances and no policies for private educational institutions, they have taken the system hostage.Arbitrarily high fees are a burden on poor parents. Parents do not allow children to enter school due to non-payment of fees, due to which their year is lost. He said that the government of Azad Kashmir and the education department should wake up from sleep. And every institute has made a comprehensive policy of private institutes and has set its fee rate list. Where should the poor people go? The performance of public educational institutes is disappointing and private institutes are becoming white elephants. The records of private educational institutes should be collected. The records of the teachers should be collected and their educational qualifications should be checked. And the fees should be determined according to the educational institution and facilities regarding the fees from the children.He said that children are our future tomorrow and the future of the nation. Development is not possible without education in the current situation. Education is not a business but to make the nation educated. What is the policy of the education department. There is no check and ban. It is up in the air. The Department of Education should immediately set up a monitoring cell in which to keep a check and balance of private educational institutions and determine the salaries and fees of the teachers appointed in them. While a monitoring cell should also be set up for government educational institutions and He said that it is a question of the future of the nation and no one will be allowed to play with the future of the nation.The government and the education department should pay immediate attention to this matter and take immediate comprehensive measures for it. The education department should not play with the future of the nation. They are the future of the nation. There are no sheep and goats. They will not give. Teachers have been given on contract to some government educational institutions. Children’s future is being played with. who have created a contract system and are playing with the lives of the future children. Private educational institutions have taken action. Parents are forced to buy school printed copies and are sold at double price. When will the action be taken by the education department? will take

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