Drug addiction vs youths

Mahikan Khalid
ADrug addiction are being used on a wide scale across the country among the youth. According to calculations there are 1.4 million drug addicts found in Pakistan. Most of the drug transplantation conducted through the Afghan border. So the border must be sealed for illegal smuggling. A number of rich people in Pakistan are involved in this procedure. A poison is hollowing the every roots of the society and nation too. So some of the suggestions that government must follow to stop the drug deal in Pakistan are that supply of drugs from Afghanistan must be checked at every coast. Border must be sealed to stop the flow of drug inside the country. The people involved in crime must be given exemplary punishment. I hope these suggestions would help better the situation. I also appeal to the masses to point out such people who are involved in this crime, police and all other agencies to perform their duties honestly to root out this germ.


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