Deforestation in Balochistan

Eiman Mumtaz
Although, Almighty Allah has provided countless resources to human beings for their benefit, yet it is necessary to use them fragually and sensibly.Man utilizes land for different purposes, such as cultivation, building houses, constructing highways, etc.While doing so, he destroys forests due to improper planning. Forest are being exploited in the country with a negative ratio between aforestation and deforestation. Particularly in Balochistan, where trees already grow rarely due to a dry climate, deforestation is carried out fast. Economists suggest , a country must have 25% of it’s total area under forests in order to have sustainable economic development. Unfortunately this ratio is only 4.2 million hactares area is under forest, out of which the share of KPK is the largest. According to an estimate two-third (2/3) of the forest area of the country is under the control of the forest Department.The goveronment has established special departments for the protection of forests and huge amount is allocated for them in the budget. But unfortunately , Balochistan is still suffering.

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