Islamabad,   (Parliament Times) : The Holy Prophet SAW is present among us. He SAW has located all the commands and guidance. He SAW has taught us the way to lead life. Today, whether we are devoting the celebration of the blessed arrival of The Holy Prophet SAW to the mere rites.
Allah Almighty says:
Prophet of Allah (SAW) is present among us, and we are getting the objective of life because of this presence. Our relationship with The Holy Prophet SAW is based on faith that is a great blessing of Allah Almighty.
Ameer Abdul Qadeer Awan, Sheikh Silsila Naqshbandia Awaisia, Patron of Tanzeem al Akhwan expressed his stance in his address of Friday being held in Dar ul Irfan Sargodha.
He said that he who loves the Holy Prophet SAW, will be accomplished and virtuous. He who wrote Qaseeda Burda shareef, was suffering from paralysis. He saw the Holy Prophet SAW in dream and He SAW said him to get up, but he could not. Then He SAW said him to recite what was written, he did so. He SAW liked his expression of love a lot and blessed him with his Chadar. When Buseedi RA woke up, he found that Chadar with him. The true believer will be helpful and loving for others. Today we claim love, but where are we standing? May Allah Almighty bless us with the true quest. We may be source of unity for Ummah. Whatever we do may be virtuous, may create unity in our country, do our work honestly. It is also to be ended that whether our subsistence is lawful and pure. Then we will understand the reality of expression of love. We are having the blessed moments of Friday, and we are gathered here for the love of the Holy Prophet SAW. May Allah Almighty accept it, may He grant everyone’s every need. In the end, bait was taken from men and women.
In this blessed programme Chuhdary Khalid Hameed MNA Sargodha, Dr. Arshad Shahid Amerr Jamait e Islami Sargodha, Shaukat Ali CEO Ader College, Fair Farooq Cheema MPA, Umer Cheema divisional president Sargodha, M. Arshad Hussain Information Secretary Sargodha, Bilal Arshad Cheema CEO Qartaba Town, Sahib e Majazeen Silsila Aliya, General secretary Punjab Abdul Majid Awan and secretary Information Amjad Mahmood Awan and many others belonging to all walks of life.

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