Pre-Medical Students are facing problems

Bisma Mirani
The profession of being a doctor is held in high esteem in Pakistan ,majority of students try hard for admission in medical university,unfortunately few of them make it to medical university after meeting rigorous requirements of passing premedical exams and entrance test. Students who are future of this country is facing a lot of problems now a days ,what actually government or medical institutes doing now a days ? They are playing with future of students ,sometimes they announce that there will be one test ,and suddenly before one month of test they announce there will be provisional test .they don’t even have proper guidance about syllabus ,which syllabus they should follow ? There are a lot of students going to sit in entry test so instead of free entrance test or low fees they are charging higher fees nearly about 5 to 6 thousand,only for online form to sit in entry test whee there is no facilities for students ,what is happening with students in our country ?where is government why they are not taking actions against these institutes. Kindly,help these poor students, raise voice for students they are already in stress for their future please secure Pakistan because these students are future of our Pakistan

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