Suicide in Kech

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Muhammad Zarif
No doubt, it is clear that suicides rates are ballooning every passing days. Between two months more than twenty persons did the same nasty or unbearable action but the responsible authorities are sleeping like a duck. It hurts a lot to listen people are commiting suicides due to various reasons. Many young girls and boys ended their lives in different areas of district kech.When someone does this, people just keep passing comments. He or she was good person why did he or she do this, they can not judge this without a reason one can not do this deplorable act. Passing comments is easy when someone does something wrong but taking the solution of that problem takes ones soul. Instead of passing comments we should try to reach this problem. Why this action is taking places again and again. On the other hand, one can not be wrong to say this, girls are commiting suicides as a result of nasty smartphones now a days. They keep contacting with narrow minded or evil thoughts boys and they easily trust them after that they start sharing their pictures. When they start blackmailing them and they can’t not bear finally, they take this step.Besides, cellphone is the prime cause of this worse action because of which many girls lost their lives. Many girls got their picture shared due to which they could not face they society and ended their lives. Withal, The stress of family can’t be tolerated by them in the long run, they take steps towards this action. When someone gets pressure from family side because of small mistakes instead of cajoling them and they further add their tensions.In the present era mostly boys are doing this due to lack of jobs. Many young boys who ended thier lives after receiving degrees and got failed to get jobs. Everyone can know our society mashallah they keep discouraging instead of couraging them. Skyrocketing inflation has become an other main cause of commiting suicide across balochistan. When people see their pauper plight and they can not be able to get two times food. They start thinking that world has finished for them and they finish themselves.Next, the concerned authorities are responsible for this action when someone does, did or will do. When someones does it becomes the main duty of responsible authorities to pay a visit and find out the reasons and their solutions in order to control the situation to get worse further.In sub- thesil hoshab place namely, parkotag where it’s the second accident which took place. Before a girl who was student of eighth class ended her life by committing suicide. From high authorities no one visited this mention place and this becomes second accident which happened in same area. It seems that responsible authorities will turn a deaf ear towards the same long lasting issue.Finally, It is humbly requested to concerned authorities kindly take some effective or serious steps towards this prolong problem as soon as possible and try to spread awareness among people at least they should not do this acton further.

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