Naseebullah Khan
Is class distinction not the mother of all ills in Pakistan? Has it not disintegrated us? Has it not provided fuel to injustice and inequality in the country?

How can one expect a a united Pakistan where a person dies for paracetamol tablets in public hospitals while some go abroad for treatment?

How can a progressive and developed Pakistan be possible where millions of children are out of schools, where public schools have become a source of time waste and where children of a small segment read abroad or in costly private institutions in the country?

The problem is not of gaining education? healthcare or other facilities by the affluent class abroad or in the country but is the deprivation of middle and poor class from education and health facilities that accelerate injustice and inequality. What has been happening in Pakistan is that the richer is becoming more rich while the poor are becoming poorer.

This has been creating a abyss between the people and creating alienation whose germs have penetrated deeply in our society.

History witnesses that when such a scenario happens social disorder balloons revolution, tendencies of separation and a bleak future of the country. The UNDP in 2016 report ‘development advocates Pakistan’ says that 22 families of Pakistan control 66 percent of total wealth.

While, 20 percent richest consume seven times more than 20 percent poor. Dr Hafeez Pasha observes that in 2018_,2019, the poorest 1 percent population held only 0.15 of national income while the richest 1 percent held 9 percent of national income. Annually, 0.5 million die due to wrong medication in Pakistan. In its January 2022 report the Oxfam articulated that 50 percent households in Pakistan are unable to receive medical attention.

The systems in Pakistan is pro_rich that has creating a huge gulf between the poor and the affluent class. This gap has resulted in income inequality that further affects access to services and income generation in the country. Consequently, class distinction has penetrated our society. For instance, tax exemptions and privileges to affluent class in Pakistan that is around Rs 2660 billion reflects how class differences have pierced the country. The human development index report of the UNDP about Pakistan testifies inequalities in the country and two separate Pakistan ___ the one where the poor class is living a life as that of medieval ages while the other Pakistan is for the affluents where some families of local Khan, Chaudry, Wadayra, the Mullah and Peer, the nationalist, bureaucrats, judges, and establishment are enjoying every available service, facility and privilege. Why states disappear from world map? How and Why revolution happens? How does societal dismantling start? When deprivation, alienation, turning of educated class into violence, exploitation, and economic and social inequality penetrate a country, the decay starts. Social unrest, discrimination, violence, poverty, and violence stab national unity.

Piteously, all these menaces have engulfed the country wikk sanity prevail? Will the policy makers ever try to end injustice snd inequality in the heterogeneous society of ours?

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