Difficulties in standing against Domestic violence

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Daman Ali
Being inhabitants of male dominated society women has to face a violence through modes including physical, sexual, emotional, physcological and economical. Though, legal remedy is available against this offence at provincial as well as federal level in shape of different statutes. Recently, government has passed a very comprehensive bill “Domestic violence (prevention and protection) bill 2021, statute almost hitts every aspect of illegal as well as immoral act done against women in household considered to be domestic violence, Even a misogynist statement falls into said offence. But, unfortunately in most of the cases victim of said heinous act is not ready to stood against at any platform like concern to police, sue in court and complain to concern authorities, reasons behind to do so from aggrieved party side are many but following are elemantory. 1)Non supportive response from her own family: If a woman wants to approach any kind of social support in that she has to face rejection and non supportive response from her own parents. 2) Lack of financial assistance: In case when she finally decided to go against her hubby then she needs help financially and it’s obvious her partner couldn’t help her which is to be used against him. 3) Homelessness threatening: Supposing that a woman go against offender, In that situation simultaneously she will be at verge of set oust from home. 4) Societical norms: It is very disgusting to say that our established customs of society always victimized woman, if she complains anyone about offence, unfortunately she herself had to listen “it’s normal for wives to be beaten by husbands” so bear it because it’s not a big deal. Here are some recommendactions for concerned authorities to do following steps for avoiding that failure. A) Property share: If proper share from husband property will given to their wives, then they might not bear that inhuman offence. Concerned authorities has to play proper role in implementing above inheritance law. In doing so at least she will not threatened of being homeless also by feeling that courage she might stood against domestic violence. B) increament in haq mahar: Haq Mehr is an obligatory payment made by the husband to his wife at the time of nikkah in the form of money, jewellery, home goods, furniture or any other form of property. But in most of the cases it will be given as minimum as possible, Also this was fixed for the betterment of woman and making her life easygoing when she got separated from husband. So courts has to make amendments by increasing the amount of mahar in “Muslim Family Law ordinance 1961”.

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