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Be fearless

Aizaz khan Hasanzai

Have you heard people say they feel blocked? Stuck. Frozen in resistance. They want to act, but they can’t. A boy in our hostel wants to create his art, but every time he sits down to do it he feels a barrier of resistance. A man on the new campus of a university says that when it comes to healthy eating or working out, he feels “a heavy, unprocessed wall of energy that sabotages” him. When you ask these people, have you ever been fearful of these things? The solid answer is, “Yes, we are,” because we are all museums of FEAR. We all want to trust without fear of being hurt, but let me tell you that Fear and insecurities always come from within. Mostly, we want to stay the way we are, and not make change in our lives. The reason is that we are afraid that people might take advantage of us. Sometimes, we can’t speak for ourselves, and this is the worst kind of fear because we are scared of telling others about our sufferings. We have fear in relationships. No doubt, relationships are complex.Although we need proximity, it could also be a source of anxiety.This is also a kind of fear. Fear can also overcome our failures; don’t let its overpass.Life is not a picnic; sometimes there is sickness, loss, and no food at all. But you must overcome your failure and disappointment; get back up and keep going.Sometimes there may be no handouts, no charity, but you must expect only what you give yourself. You can only count on the spark and fire and friendliness that you, the thinker, give you, the acting person in life. If you can rebound from failure, any failure, in this accepting, non-judgmental, positive way, your self-love once more restored, on your side, you will feel aliveness and vitality all the years of your life. When you think about your problems, they will not frighten you; instead, you will feel hopeful because the pattern of your thinking is hopeful. God created life in us so that we could live devotedly and actively in this world he fashioned. God made us, with our marvellous bodies and our complex minds,so that we can have a meaningful life, and Happiness. If you believe in a higher power, you must believe in the purpose of life, no matter how difficult the world may seem during depressing periods. Tear fear from your heart, bury your negative thoughts, and tell off friends who try to convince you that life is dull.Be joyful and smily every chance you get; not because life has been easy, perfect, or exactly as you had imagined, but because you choose to be joyful and grateful for all the good things you do have and all the troubles you know you don’t have.Glowing my skin like a sun But fear of getting burned Trying to move ahead from past shadows But getting beaten on every path always It’s the habit of warriors to fight their fears and be successful. Be fearless and stay peaceful.

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