India cannot suppress Kashmiris’ struggle by the dint of force: PM AJK

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Muzaffarabad,  (Parliament Times) : Prime Minister Azad Jammu and Kashmir Sardar Tanveer Ilyas Khan has said that the RSS influenced regime led by Narendara Modi has broken all records of state-terrorism and savagery to suppress Kashmiris’ legitimate struggle for right to self-determination.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, the Prime Minister while lauding the Kashmiris’ years long struggle said that India must bear in mind the fact that it cannot suppress the ongoing liberation struggle by the dint of force.He said that the shutdown in the occupied Kashmir on Amit Shah’s visit speaks volumes about Kashmiris commitment and allegiance to the noble cause of freedom and their outright rejection of illegal actions India had taken unilaterally on Kashmir. The PM said that the valiant people of the Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir have time and again rejected the so-called economic packages offered by the Indian rulers and made it absolutely clear that the economic packages were not an alternative to the right of self-determination guaranteed to them by the international community.

Stressing the need for resolution of Kashmir dispute in line with the UNSC resolutions, the PM warned that the future of one and a half billion people of South Asia was inescapably linked to resolution of the Kashmir conflict.While referring to the BJP’s nefarious ambitions, the PM said that the Hindu supremacist party only agenda was to divide people on communal lines.

The PM said that the occupation authorities have made lives of Kashmiris miserable, “People are being humiliated and harassed by police and secret agencies, civil society activists, rights defenders and politicians are being jailed under black laws, and thousands of Kashmiris are enduring the hardships of imprisonment”, the PM said.“

It would be a great travesty of justice If the world does not listen to the voices of hapless Kashmiris who are sacrificing their lives, wealth and dignity to achieve their cherished goal of freedom”, he added.He said that on the one hand India has been committing serious violations of human rights in Occupied Kashmir while on the other it has consistently denied entry to foreign observers and human rights groups in the region.

Citing a letter published in New York Times, the PM said that American citizens have also criticized Modi government for its persecution, discrimination and deadly violence against religious minorities in India. The letter he said was sufficient enough stir world conscience and open the eyes of the world that has chosen to stay silent on the India’s apartheid regimes anti-Kashmir and anti-minority policies.

The PM said that it was high time that the world should help-stop rights violations in Kashmir and play its role in settling the Kashmir dispute that has been the main cause and consequence of bloodshed and violence in the region.


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