Easy access to capital for women so they play their role in national economy: Waqas Kashif Bajwa

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M.A Rashid.
FAISALABAD: Easy access to capital will be ensured for business women so that they might play their full vital role in the national economy.
The State Bank Faisalabad Chief Manager Waqas Kashif Bajwa has said that in order to make women a dynamic and active part of the national economy, apart from business women, educated women who want to start a new business will be encouraged in every possible way. He was talking to a delegation led by Ms. Rubina Amjad, President of Faisalabad Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
The senior vice-president of the Women’s Chamber Ms. Tazgira Tajmal and the vice-president Ms. Abiya Hamid also participated in the delegation. Ms. Rubina Amjad said that Pakistan’s economy is facing adverse conditions while floods have destroyed the livelihood and economy of the people in a wide area. He said that for the revival of the economy, women have to play an equal role with men, while the Women’s Chamber has prepared a roadmap to protect the interests of women and provide them with the necessary facilities, under which their capital Access will be ensured. He said that a large number of women do sewing work from their homes, but they are not considered part of the economy. Similarly, rural women also play a key role in the agriculture sector, but their services are not recognized at any level. He said that she will take steps to give necessary awareness to the educated women living in the cities about the platform of the chamber as well as to access capital. He said that women who want to start their own business or expand their existing business will be provided facilities with the support of banks to provide cheap and easy loans. He said that literate women will also be informed about the new technology of banks. Including new apps like RAAST and AMA. He said that FBR officials will also be met to create maximum facilities for women.
President WFCCI stressed the need of framing certain laws where a woman may feel secure and independent in their job areas.

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