Universities will have to work more than before and lead the country and nation: Governor Punjab

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Rawalpindi, (Parliament Times): Governor Punjab Muhammad Balighur Rahman has said that to bring significant improvement in the higher education sector, it is necessary that all universities should plan comprehensively, set clear goals and use all resources to achieve them. He said that universities will have to work more than before and lead the country and nation in environmental changes, food security, environment, women’s economic self-sufficiency and character development.

He said these things while addressing the closing session of the Vice-Chancellors’ Conference held in Murree. In this session, consortiums were formed on seven key themes including good governance, modern technology, environment, youth employment and climate change, and a high-level committee has been formed to review progress every month.

Governor Balighur Rahman said that the entire nation and every sector of the society will have to play their full role to get the country out of the problems it is facing so that we can give a better, safer and prosperous country to our future generations. He said that the service and prosperity of humanity is the main goal of education and research, for the achievement of them one has to work beyond personal interests.

Governor Punjab Balighur Rahman said that without achieving the target of economic self-sufficiency of women, the dream of development of the country cannot be fulfilled. He said that after higher education, women should participate fully in practical life and should benefit the society through their education.

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