Neglected Balochistan

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Nizam Javid
Balochistan is considered as the richest and poorest provence of Pakistan but, sadly, it has been neglected in the sense of basic rights which must be provided to its citizens equally. The people of Balochistan have the right to gain them politically, socially, and economically.
On the other side, the province of Balochistan is full of natural resources as gold, gases, metal and other valuable things but unfortunately, not being shared to the public.
Apart from this, an inhabitants of Balochistan suffering various issues as poverty, inflation, drug mafia, no quality education and many more. Poverty is considered as the main issue of Balochistan which has been happening for a long time. Due to poverty, people are being struck into miserable condition. It is observed that every week,month people are accepting self-destruction ( suicide) who can’t bear it. Besides, inflation shut the feeling of the people down and everything is being increased about their prices. Poor person can’t afford it. The cost of everything is being high level. In the other words, the roads and bridges are also being destroyed and there is no safety when someone wishes to visit.
Most importantly, flood is one of the main issue of Balochistan which brought a massive destruction among the people. It smashed each and every thing of the inhabitants as houses, roads, cattles, harden and many more. Besides, many people are killed a d several became injured and some are still being under the sky without having roofs. It is highlighted that problems happen with everyone, every country, but they have solution and the difficulties must be take out by government. It last, it is requested to the concerned authorities to make theirs concentration into these matters and solve the problems as soon as possible.


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