Meeting of PML N AJK leader Raja Maqsood and others on the occasion of International Day of Peace

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UK [Parliament Times]: On the International Day of Peace, the senior leader of PML-N Azad Kashmir, Raja Maqsood Hussain, Kakarvi Raja Sagheer Hussain, who came from Pakistan, met former Tehsil Nazim Mian Nawaz Sharif’s Dastrat Khan Sajjad Khan and Jammu Kashmir Tehreek Haq Self-Determination Chairman Raja Najabat Hussain.  Gave dinner at Cafe East after being awarded the Star of Pakistan by the government of Pakistan for raising the voice of the oppressed Kashmiris.  Public Consul General Tariq Wazir, Chaudhry Bashir Ahmad Ratvi, Oldham Councilors Aqeel Salamat, Councilor Muhammad Ilyas, former Mayor Councilor, Shoaib Akhtar, political and social figures Raja Shabbir Kakarvi, Chaudhry Khurshid Ahmed, Chaudhry Muhammad Zulfikar, Farzana Afzal, Councilor Naila Sharif, Kamran Ghaffar.  , Chaudhry Iqbal – Raja Tariq – Maulana Shaheen Shafiqur Rehman – Nighat Ayesha – Fakhira Nusrat – Haji Bashir Jamati and other leading personalities of the community participated.  Maulana Shaheen Shafiq received the honor of reciting the Holy Quran. On this occasion, Khan Sajjad Khan said that our heart cries tears of blood. We want peace in the world, but our mothers and sisters are being oppressed in Occupied Kashmir.

He said, “On this occasion, I request the United Nations and the Western countries to raise their voice on this issue and give Kashmiris their birthright of self-determination.”  Raja Najabat Hussain said on the occasion of Peace Day, our message is that the oppression and persecution of Occupied Kashmir should stop.  Rise and continue the struggle until Kashmiris get the right to self-determination.  Consul General Tariq Wazir said that the whole world is aware of Raja Najabat Hussain’s efforts regarding Kashmir.  Deputy Lord Mayor Manchester Councilor Yasmin Dar said that on the International Day of Peace, we should raise our voice on the persecution of the people of Occupied Kashmir and Palestine.

The host Raja Maqsood Hussain Kakarvi said that the efforts of Raja Najabat Hussain for the freedom of Occupied Kashmir for the last fifty years are commendable and we are proud to be honored by the star of Pakistan. The day is not far when the sun of freedom will rise in Kashmir.  Will be .  Councilor Naila Sharif, Farzana Afzal and others also condemned the oppression of Kashmiris and demanded the United Nations and the international community to raise their voices and give Kashmiris the right to self-determination.  Farzana Afzal performed the administrative duties very well

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