India will mislead UNGA from Kashmir issue: Pasban-e-Hurriyat

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Muzaffarabad,   (Parliament Times) : Chairman Pasban-e-Hurriyat Uzair Ahmad Ghazali has said that India will mislead the world in United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) from the grave human rights violations in Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJ&K).

In a statement issued here on Thursday, while appealing the leaders and representatives of the countries participating in the ongoing UNGA, Ghazali said that India is trying to change the demographic situation of the IIOJ&K besides human rights violations under draconian laws.

He maintained that Indian such laws and acts are testimonials of state terrorism in IIOJ&K.

“India is constantly creating obstacles and difficulties in the solution to the Jammu and Kashmir issue”, he stated.

He said that it will be a matter of concern for the entire region if the world will ignore the Kashmir issue.

Ghazali said that the members of the United Nations and the Security Council should play their constitutional role in solving the Kashmir conflict in order to avoid a nuclear war in the region, eliminate poverty and to remove obstacles of development. “If the major powers of the world do not fulfill their responsibilities on the Kashmir issue in time, then the Kashmir dispute may lead to a nuclear conflict”, he added.

He said that the worsening situation of human rights in IIOJ&K and the delay in the permanent solution of the Kashmir issue could not be favorable for the world and the countries in the region.

Chairman Pasban-e-Hurriyat once again reminded the world conscience that a just solution to the Kashmir dispute is necessary to end all crises in South Asia.

He further said that Jammu and Kashmir is not an internal matter of India, but a nuclear flashpoint in South Asia and a matter of the political future of the 22 million Kashmiri people.

He demanded that the United Nations should send a high-level fact-finding mission to investigate human rights violations and Indian military aggression in IIOJ&K.

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