Education destroyed harmed in Pakistan

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Farhan Ali Siyal
People are going hungry due to food shortages, and thousands of children may not be returning to school this year since floods in Pakistan have damaged or destroyed approximately 19,000 schools. Numerous students around the nation who had been getting ready for the start of the academic year have discovered their classrooms entirely drowned with books, blackboards, chairs, and tables drifting downstream while whole communities are under water. Nearly 16,000 schools, however, have suffered damage or destruction in Sindh province, the area that has been most severely affected. The biggest monsoon rains to hit Pakistan in decades have killed cattle, ruined crops on thousands of hectares of land, and driven hundreds of thousands of people from their homes. Additionally, a lot of schools are being repurposed as temporary housing for children and families who have been displaced due to the flooding. Due to houses collapsing around them or being washed away by floodwaters, around 400 children have died and 550 have been injured in the disaster. The Sindh government started tent schools in the province of Sindh’s flood relief camps. Although the government has made great efforts, this decision has been made by the Sindh government to protect the students’ future and school year so that the progress of their education is unaffected. The fact that they have begun tent schools ensures that the education of the flood-affected children won’t suffer. However, this is not a long-term solution for the education system, and the government should establish stronger measures in place of these ones because many locations experience intense heat waves that cannot be tolerated by these tents.

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