Announcement of establishment of CPNE Islamabad/Rawalpindi Committee

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Karachi, (PR): President of Council of Pakistan Newspaper Editors (CPNE) Kazim Khan has announced the formation of CPNE Islamabad/Rawalpindi Committee. In a statement issued by the Secretary General of CPNE, Aamir Mahmood, it has been said that the objectives of the Islamabad/Rawalpindi Committee include the problems of Islamabad/Rawalpindi newspapers and journals, journalists, editors and media organizations, freedom of expression. And to highlight the regional situation of press freedom and try to solve it. The committee will be authorized to organize meetings, meetings, workshops, seminars in this regard. The Islamabad/Rawalpindi Committee will send action taken, recommendations/suggestions and performance report to the Standing Committee. Islamabad/Rawalpindi committee will consist of 16 members, whose chairman is Sardar Khan Niazi, chief editor of Pakistan/Patriot Group Islamabad, and Yahya Khan Saduzai, chief editor of daily Lead Pakistan Islamabad, has been appointed as deputy chairman.

Other members of the committee include Salman Masood (Daily Nation Islamabad), Tahir Farooq (Daily Jihad Islamabad), Shakeel Ahmad Tarabi (Sabah News Agency Islamabad), Mian Abrar (Daily Pakistan Today Islamabad), Mumtaz Ahmad Sadiq (Daily Islamabad). Khabarkar Rawalpindi), Abdul Salam Bath (Daily Bay Looth Islamabad), Nizaar Akhtar (Daily Azkar Islamabad), Sajjad Abbasi (Daily Ummat Rawalpindi), Mian Fazl Elahi (Monthly Diplomatic Focus Islamabad), Kasur Jameel Rouhani (Daily Sangmail Islam). Amir Ilyas (Daily Express Islamabad), Syed Safir Hussain Shah (Daily Legal Views Islamabad), Khalilur Rehman (Daily Islam Islamabad) and Muhammad Ali Zanjani (Monthly Aina Qastam Islamabad).
Issued by: Council of Pakistan Newspaper Editors

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