ZKA construction company becomes notorious for not taking care of labors

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Saqib Ali Haidri,

Muzaffarabad,   (Parliament Times) : Another worker was injured on Shah Sultan Bridge Construction site due to the negligence of the construction company ZKA here on Sunday.

According to the details, the worker named Mohsin belonging from Layyah got gravely injured on the site(Shah Sultan Bridge). The steel pierced in to his right lower abdomen. He is currently undertreatment at emergency ward in CMH Muzaffarabad.

Mohsin is the second victim of Shah Sultan Bridge construction as another worker’s foot fingers were cut off during piling of the bridge before.

People from the surrounding have told media that the construction company ZKA is not even providing protective jackets, shoes and protective helmets to the workers.

“When an important person visits, the company owner give helmets to the workers in front of them, which are later withdrawn”, Society members said.

“Due to the negligence of the construction company, the residents living around the bridge are also suffering from serious problems and the relevant authorities including the administration have been called several times both written and verbal but no action has been taken till date”, they added.

Earlier, the news regarding the use of subtandard material by ZKA on Shah Sultan Bridge site have also been highlighted in the media.

Citizens have demanded the Prime Minister Azad Kashmir and Chief Secretary Azad Kashmir to take action against the construction company ZKA for negligence on construction process.

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