Training workshop organized for working journalists of Sahiwal press club

Saddia Mazhar

SAHIWAL: A training workshop was organized for the working journalists of Sa,hiwal press club on the topic of
countering dis information in digital age and the use of right to access to information at press club Sahiwal.
“ Press club is a house for journalist and we really appreciate this initiative of organizing capacity building workshop for the journalists based in small cities and the doors of Sahiwal press club is always open for learning and sharing knowledge, Javed Iqbal, President press club said in opening remarks.
Journalists from print and electronic media attended the event and take full part in different activities with trainers. Using digital devices as a journalists is a big responsibility of journalists as news spread very fast and we have v short time to decide weather we have to file the news or verify it first, Saleem Kathiya , a participant express his thought.
Ashraf shareef, editorial editor 92 news interact with journalist on the topic of covering news in crisis and how to counter miss information. He describes different techniques which journalist can use to verify the news. Ashraf also assign an activity to identify the real and fake news just to give participants
a sense of understanding the fake and real news.
Session was focused on the new terms and techniques which can help journalist to strengthen them in this digital era.
“ in natural disaster , we have the big responsibility to first check the facts and data and than file / on-air
the news. Main stream media sometime on-air different news just because for rating which hurt the society, sidra Ghayas express her thoughts during this session.
Salman malik, president PFUC highlights the constitutional rights of journalists and how Right to excess to information can strengthen the journalists and make news credible. He also empowers journalists. He also tell the ways and mechanism of filling the right to information request.

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