Rochdale Asian Business Network event was held at Castlemere Community Centre,

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Rochdale (Parliament Times) : The Rochdale Asian Business Network event was held at Castlemere Community Centre, which was hosted by Lucy Smith, while former Mayor of Rochdale Muhammad Zaman, Councilor Sardar Shahid, local bank officer Justin Taylor, Nikla Wadekar, Dabeel Mian and other members of the community attended. Other business personalities participated. The participants of the event agreed that there are people at the local level who are successfully running their own businesses and are always ready to help whenever they need our help. Siddique Musa, the chief guest on this occasion, said that we want the network to be successful and the Asian community in Rochdale is already the most successful and we want it to grow further. Former Mayor Muhammad Zaman said that the event was attended by a large number of business people who are doing really successful business. I am happy that people are interested in it. Councilor Sardar Shahid said that there are numerous businesses running successfully at the local level and the network will only get stronger with time. Local Bank Officer Justin Taylor said that we are here to help the local community and entrepreneurs. There is an opportunity to communicate with each other so that they can further their interactions with each other. Nicola Walker said there is a golden opportunity for businesses to raise their concerns so that they can be heard and find out how we can help them. Dabeel Mian said that it is a golden opportunity for the entrepreneurs of the Asian community to showcase their skills and inform the relevant authorities about their concerns and needs. Declared useful. Host Lucy Smith said: “We are a charity that helps the local community to start up businesses so that in the current tough times when the cost of living has gone up so much, we help entrepreneurs and not their own.” To be able to survive, but to carry flags of success. Hafiz Abdul Malik, the chairman of Pakistan Welfare Association and the soul of Castlemere Community Center, organized the program very well.

The Rochdale Asian Business Network has been instrumental in helping the local Asian community grow and succeed in business despite the most difficult economic conditions, which has earned

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