Vulnerable nation

 Anees Soomro
Flood has hit all the Provinces immensely. Incontrollable water has been spreading too speedy throughout the country by taking houses, buildings, and human lives with itself. This is not the first time that flood has hit the country, but, history is the witness that Pakistan has been through vulnerable situation created by flood before as well, yet we as a nation, did not seek any lesson from it to improve our infrastructure by sending competent people in legislative-bodies. Competent authorities have not taken much steps as it ought to have been by keeping in view the catastrophic conditions. The many stakeholders are in deep slumber. A little efforts regarding rescue operations have been done. Thousands of people are at risk, yet. It should be the utmost priority of power-holders to save human lives. All those in power, must make a strong strategy to save people from further damage along with paying compensation to all the families who have gone through epic pecuniary and human lost by this flood.


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