Work of Parascha Link Road stopped for 1.5 years lives of Hundreds people at Stake

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Muzaffarabad, (Liaqat Basheer Farooqi) : Patahka Khandi Piran to Prascha link road has turned into a well of death, the lives of children going to school along with hundreds of people are at stake. According to Patahka/Ghandi Piran to Prascha link road, the contractor has been closed for a year and a half and escaped by putting soling and cutting incompletely. The people of Prascha area, including political, social, religious and commercial elites, said in their conversation with the media that the work of Parascha Link Road Phase 1 has been stopped for one and a half years, while the next work of the road, which was with another contractor, was completed in 2 months. It has been taken, since the road was damaged and not paved, the public is facing a lot of trouble. The work is stopped and people do not even have a way to walk, he added that the children coming to school Everyone is forced to pass through a difficult route, but no one realizes our problem, many people travel an alternative route of 6 kilometers to reach Patahka Bazar. Since the road is paved, the population of thousands is two kilometers shorter. can reach home through the road, but due to the suspension of work for several months, the people are facing double difficulties, the people have strongly demanded from the Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir, the Chief Secretary of Azad Kashmir that half a kilometer road from the beginning of the Link Road section should be constructed. should be strengthened on an emergency basis so that travel facilities are available to the public.

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