Right Up To The Right

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Rashid Ali
Pakistan has been bitter victim of the monsoon rains for one and half months. Wave after wave of spells of monsoon rains have damaged severely both cities and rural areas of all the provinces mainly Sindh, Balochistan and southern Punjab alike. People have lost their loved ones, belongings, crops and the roofs. They are suffering from severe crisis of food, drinking water, shelter and health facilities.They have been left in lurch and on the mercy of the situation as a large number of the peoples are struggling to breathing in the body . Though there are many peoples of means and social teams and workers engaged in helping the affectees volunteerly but helping of these ,though appreciated and valued, can bring mere relief to the masses as loss is huge in comparison. There are efforts underway from government as well to provide the people with every possible relief funds such as providing food, tents, water and medicines but it is not reaching to the affected people because of improper channel distribution. It is being claimed that the fund is being given into the hands of corrupt politicians or greedy officers who are dictating the funds themselves first and then distributing only to their close ones and vote banks. Government should investigate the matter and take strick actions against those involved in it and should look for alternatives like distribution via registered CNICs so that it can reach out to deserved people.

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