Rain—a blessing in disguise

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Javed Panhyar
Recent ongoing monsoon rain has proved a blessing in disguise for the downtrodden in particular. It is formidable challenge Pakistan is facing even in already brittle situation. The unstoppable rain has descend the country into state of topsy—trvy. It has caused havoc with infrastructure, shaddy mud homes, people’s lives, economic stability, moreover had made short of standing crops—a tremendous source of income for the rural people in this inflationary times. To begin with, the parts of upper Sindh, south Punjab, especially the Balochistan is the most affected by flesh flood. They had rendered homeless, lost their loved ones and even basic amenties compelling them to live a miserable life, their children are craving for food to eat, clothes to wear, shelter to live in. Unfortunately, but, the role of state is questionable and seen no where with turning blind eye to this real national issue Pakistani people are engulfed with. State’s negligence to its prime responsibility to assist flood hit areas to provide their people with substitute homes, health facilities, commodities items, financial support so that they could heave a sigh of relief have been proved great debacle. Political actors are at draggers drawn for their vasted interests and are indulge in the race of gaining power and take political vengeance from one another. As ill luck would have it, the also role of mainstream media is adding insult to their injuries to not pay heed to this significant tidings as well as not conveying their clamrous voice to the rulers of country. The saga of Gill has diverted the real attention of mainstream media and put catastrophe caused by rain and consequent flooding in Balochistan, Sindh and south Punjab to second place. To conclude, Govt should awake from profound sleep and galvanise concerned authorities into action and make a prudent approach to proffer tremendous aid and all necessities must be ensured as the affected people get back on their own feet in the medium to long term. The lives of citizens must be made top most priority and make a proper mechanism to avert such cataclysmic consequences of God’s act in foreseeable future to fulfill its core responsibility.

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