The current revolutionary society

Nazish Jamali
Today’s era is called the intellectual, informational, and revolutionary era; it depends on education, technology, economy, social life, etc., which move with a speed of time and enjoy developments according to each era. A period known as the revolutionary or modern period, which goes along with time, lays the foundation for revolutionizing education, culture, economy, and other different areas of life to lay the foundation for changes and development in society. In today’s era, everyone is concerned and worried about how to increase information? How to compete with others? How to shine our name in society? Today, everyone is looking for a revolution! But unfortunately, the search for such a revolution that leaves no stone unturned in harming the ordinary people living in the society. Allah ta’ala has given every human being the best qualities and abilities, which he can use and fulfill so that he can conquer everything in the world. But today’s man is reluctant to use his skills and abilities and instead of forcing his mind to worry and think to increase knowledge, he wants to loot the crops of others, earn name and money. Educated people of the society are also involved in this process. I am presenting to you the method of information revolution of an individual of this society. This is the famous university of sindh, in which a person who was doing ph.d by stealing the research of a foreign researcher; this red-handed thief wants to gain cheap fame by listening to the slogans of “wah wah” for himself in the society, wants to earn a name in the society, and wants to increase knowledge! This is one incident but there will be many other incidents which are hidden from our eyes. Such educated personalities want to revolutionize the society by increasing their information in a negative way. Will the revolution come like this? Is this how society evolves? Do educated people want to spread such a message in society? Is the education system teaching us this? I make it clear that this kind of action will drown the society and not bring any progress and changes. This attitude of highly educated people leaves a negative impact on the society and it destroys the society instead of improving and beautifying it! This process will create an idea in the minds of other citizens living in the society that when an educated class wants to maintain such a culture and move forward, then why not us? We did it and many are doing it. If we talk about clear comparison, today’s society thinks that when it comes to loss, be behind everyone and when it comes to personal gain, be ahead of everyone. Everyone living in today’s society and i am included in them, we have the same thought that we should do something that will benefit us. We will not think for the society that if our good action brings any benefit to the society or other oppressed people, then what is the harm in doing that action? But we don’t want that. Where did this idea come from? Suppose a child in your family (daughter, son, brother or sister etc.) Wants to become a teacher in a school, your first question will be, “will the salary be higher?” have you ever encouraged him that the salary is not a problem, a little more is good, but you have fulfilled your wish. Secondly, with this action, the oppressed will be better and an example of positive thinking will be created in the society; or if a child wants to give free tutoring to neighborhood kids, the first question you or other relatives, friends, and colleagues ask is, “would tuition benefit you?” or “how much will the fee be?” or you yourself will reject it and say, “there is no need, if the fee is good, teach, otherwise there is no need to bang your head against the walls!” of course, such thinking is being transferred from us. Remember that if you don’t give credit to the conscious emotions to defeat the best weapons, society will be mailes away from the goals of success and success will be seen as a blur as a blind eye without spectacles. To make our society successful, we have to wear glasses that don’t see greed. We are a part of the society and we always give blame to the society, but our existence does not bring any benefit to the society. Our children, friends, colleagues or relatives show the desire to behave well and positively and when we do not see any benefit in it, we stop it. What can be expected from people’s behavior? In addition, every member of the society learns the lesson of “respect for the elders and love for the younger” in his childhood and becomes a part of this society when he grows up and calls himself a responsible citizen. But has it fulfilled its responsibility? Is it possible to benefit the elders and youth of the society from this learning?

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