Practical steps are needed for the freedom of occupied Jammu and Kashmir: Wajid Rehman

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Staff Reporter

Hong Kong,(Parliament Times): Kashmiri Hurriyat leader Wajid Rehman has said that for the freedom of occupied Jammu and Kashmir and to fulfill the mission of the martyrs, the coming generations should be prepared so that they could learn from the sacrifices of their ancestors for the freedom of the oppressed Kashmiris. He said that for the freedom of Pakistan, where the people of Pakistan made numerous sacrifices, Kashmiris also offered their eternal sacrifices for Pakistan.

Wajid Rahman added that practical steps were needed for the freedom of Occupied Jammu and Kashmir so that the Kashmiris who had been deprived of the blessing of freedom for the last 75 years could breathe a sigh of freedom. He went on saying that all agreements made in the past, including Karachi Agreement, Shimla Agreement, etc., or any future agreement, regarding the state of Jammu and Kashmir or any of its regions without the participation and approval of the residents of the state or the concerned region would not be accepted.


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