Shahbaz Gill’s case

 Usama Mughal
Genuine democracy continues to flow through mutual cooperation and reciprocal consensus among the political parties. It starts decaying, with uncooperative approach, chaos, anarchy and massive rivalry. Whatever the case of Shahbaz Gill is, he could be treated with effective and legal way through judicial procedure. However, it’s with deep poignant and sorrow that he is being tortured brutally and harassed in a cruel way which is totally gross violation of fundamental rights and article (5) of the Constitution. Until and unless such culture of political antagonism is uprooted as early as possible, the country can be descended into the state of democratic set-up, political stability, economic development. In a country where Freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of opinion are quashed and suppressed, one can never dream of a prosperous democratic set-up at all. Shahbaz Gill must not be treated in such an inhumane and savage manner which could develop distrust, animosity, hatred and grudge among institutions, civil society and political parties.

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