FIR lodged against Asim Shaukat but no investigation by organization


Muzaffarabad, (Liaquat Bashir Farooqui) : The silence of the government and the inland revenue department for the past 12 years against the Inland Revenue Commissioner Asim Shaukat has echoed in the base camp of Tehreek Azadi Kashmir. Protested fiercely in Wani Chowk and demanded immediate action against Asim Shaukat. And why is the accountability bureau silent, why are they helpless instead of taking action on corruption against the most corrupt officer of the state? Why is it inevitable, more than one billion tax was waived by collecting 8 crores from Star Hydral in Patrind Hydral project, on which Asim Shaukat bought a house in Islamabad and a corrupt employee named Atiq built a house on two canals in Gujra. But why is the government silent, they made a lot of accusations Tehwe Mazeed said that why the investigative committees set up by the two former prime ministers of Azad Kashmir against Asim Shaukat are not being allowed to investigate till today, the shortfall of more than one billion in terms of revenue in the fiscal year 2021, 22. Who will ask, how did a partnership of 80 crore rupees happen in the Plaza on GT Road and how did a person living in a rented house in 2008 become the owner of a housing scheme in London today? Asim Shaukat has a benami housing scheme in England but why is the state silent, FIR of Rs 13 crore money laundering case against Asim Shaukat but why is no organization unable to investigate, from two mobile factories in Mirpur 50 lakhs per month as bribe and non-payment of NTN and STN of the factories were cancelled, 42 hundred workers were made unemployed and the state lost crores of rupees in taxes, why are they sitting on the seat? Yes, despite the clear evidence of Asim Shaukat’s illegal assets and investments abroad, Asim Shaukat is a few politicians. Why has Ema become the uncrowned king of Inland Revenue, why is no action taken against Asim Shaukat on several requests given in Accountability Bureau Azad Kashmir, despite the countless requests of corruption against Asim Shaukat, the government has not taken action till date. He has demanded from the Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir against the most corrupt train officer Asim that the Commissioner of Inland Revenue should take immediate action against the uncrowned king of corruption Asim Shaukat. A large number of youth participated in the protest, on this occasion, the participants shouted slogans against Asim Shaukat and demanded immediate notice from the government of Azad Kashmir.

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