Public commemorates the 14th, August with a great zeal & zest

Irshad Hussain Tahiri
Allah Almighty blessed us with infinite gifts,boons,and blessings which we can’t even imagine.But,independence is also one of them,ofcourse. Today,the 75th independence day is going to be celebrated with unusual excitement,and enthusiasm through out the country as a usual.The dawn of the 14, August,rose with the adoration and decoration of the streets,shops, buildings and offices with beautiful and coloruful Pakistani flags and buntings.People were in high spirit to express their esteem,love, patriotism,faith, unity, loyality,and discipline with their sacred soil.Sweets were distributed and fed to exchange cheers and tears of happiness. Speeches were also delivered to pay the glowing tribute to the real heroes and martyrs. Indeed,freedom is a priceless and essential gift for all of us.Because,Muslims were not given due respect and real place and position in the society.Sensing the discriminatory attitude and behavior towards Muslims regarding cast,colour,creed and blood,The Quaid -e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah,Sir Syed Ahmed Khan,Dr: Allama Muhammad Iqbal and other prominent & unsung men and women played decisive role to make Muslims realize,awaken mobilize and motivate for a separate homeland. Eventually,Dr Allama Muhammad Iqbal not only categorically demanded in his Allahbad’s presidential address in1930 regarding the freedom but also passed a resolution in Lahore on ,23 March,1940 which rocked and shocked both the Hindus and the British alike & they opposed it in all possible ways.The resolution is known as the Pakistan resolution. Gaining it is not a piece of cake to eat.Our immortal heroes and ancestors finally succeeded to break the hundred years chain of slavery and domination of the Birtish rule. likewise,this glorious day reminds the long & untiring struggle,a tower of sacrifice, breaking the chain of slavery,the blood of the thousands of the martyrs,story of the bravery of our elders & freedom fighters.Women were rendered widow and men widower.Mothers’ laps were emptied and sisters were parted from their brothers and brothers were from their sisters.People were burnt alive, killed and humiliated in all possible manners. Proudly and fortunately,our country is replete with enchanting scenery,golden traditions,and fertile fields.Its surging streams,the rushing rivulets,and fast flowing freshets please and illuminate our souls.It has perennial plants, mighty mountains,tall trees, balmy breeze,amiable atmosphere, rushing rivers, and babbling brooks, singing streams, rustling rills,,vendrous valleys, and sweet-smelling surroundings.It has historical places like Moen-jo-Daro,Harapa & Taxila which are renowned for their ancient heritage,traces and primal relics.It is also enrich in natural resources like gold,coal,gas ,and many more.More importantly it has an atom bomb which is an eye-sore for it’s enemies.Pakistan is an Islamic and democratic soil. Because,it was created in the name of Islam. But,unfortunately,repeated martials, corruption,and political instabality pushed our country to the wall.Democracy is not a bad thing.Many countries in the world are progressing by leaps and bounds though democracy.But, in Pakistan,democracy has never been allowed to flourish in the letter and spirit. Time and again democratic governments have been toppled under the different charges or overthrown in a military coup rather than punishing the corrupt rulers.Owing to mismanagement, corruption,poor law and order situation,monopoly, favoritism,nepotism,martial laws injustice tarnished the image of the country at national and international level. These elements not only hurdled the peace, progress, prosperity, dignity, integrity, stability, fraternity, soverngnity ,enlightenment but also nearly brought the country on bankrupcy.Our judicial system is totally failure, law is only for the poor,but the rich always get scot free.This poor & unbalanced system has rocked the foundation of our country.We are not independent in a real sense,we have been enchained with status quo.No freedom of speech or expression here,those who raise voice against the corrupt and unfair system either they are silenced forever or implicated in the false and fabricated cases to gag the voice.Only a handful of people hold the country hostage and rule over overwhelming majority of the masses.It reflects we got independence but not independent in hijacked system.This is not the same country which Iqbal had dreamed for.We failed to understand the value of the freedom due to our personal interest.let’s ask the value of freedom from the people of Kashmir, Syria,Phalistine and so on.We can not think how they lead a miserable and suppressed life.It is also pertinent to state here that our,health, education and justice system is paralyzed and devastating.We have no any hospital of the level of the international standard, where people should come from abroad to themselves treated standardly and properly.We are also hundreds of years far behind in perspective of education from countries of the world but the education of Sindh is a hundred years back even from the own provinces of the country. Sorrowfully, our system has left nothing behind to ruin our country. Our gone heroes left the lagcy of self-esteem, sacrifice,prestige,determination, steadfastness, boldness,courage, confidence,faithfulness,real dream, vision and mission and so on.let’s pledge one an other to render committed and dedicated efforts to make our country great and prosperous.let’s promise today to direct our all efforts against bribery,unparity, barbarity,and injustice.let’s vow today, to impart a quality education.let’s join hands together,to raise voice to promote merit and positive atmosphere.let’s make sincere and serious efforts to make our great and strong to gladden the souls our elders who laid down their lives to get this country.May Almighty Allah direct our rulers to work selflessly, and tirelessly for the betterment and welfare of the country and its marginalized segment of the society. Pakistan Zindabad.

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