Only Education is a powerful weapon!

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Aftab Suleman Laghari

Although we are all people are also social animals according to the history of mankind our life style was different in every period in the history of mankind but with the passage of time people were adopted modern life style, they were invent fire and started living together too, so such as slowly and gradually people were starting live in the form of societies and this was the starting of the society.Afterwards we can see that people were brings lot of developments and searching facilities for the purpose to reduce difficulties of their lives. But major thing behind this whole processes of mankind way of living which was now a day’s currently we can see that totally transferred in modern age of mankind from old age of lifestyle this is only due to education and definitely with power of education every person will found solutions for every problem so when were humankind started thinking about their lifestyle than they were realized that what are the  fundamental needs of life and from that time people were started struggle for the all basic facilities of life like that Availability of water,food,shelter etc.

As we know that Almighty Allah made us as “Ashraf al Makhlooqat” which means that Mankind is superior creation of Almighty Allah among the all other creatures of Almighty Allah.So now we should need to think that what are those things which make us Superior than all other creatures of God, first of all we have sense of realizations of every things which is happen in our surroundings and we have sense that what’s the purpose of our life? what is the actual aim of our life that Almighty Allah send us in this world, because in this world behind the every creation of God has a meaningful purpose there is no anything which is God made without any cause. So that’s we are all mankind also came in this world with a meaningful purpose and definitely this purpose is get satsfication of the creator of this world Almighty Allah and Almighty Allah say’s that “if you people want to close to me than you should need to reduce difficulties for my creatures because I love those who love my creatures”. So that’s why we should need to spend our whole life with an important cause and try to give advantages to all Humankind ,we should need to stop war’s and conflicts in whole world because that these war’s and conflicts are not in the favour of all humankind on any cast, as well as in this world those strengths, those super power countries who have Industries of weapon they should need to stop this kind of business which is became main cause in killing of mankind in all over the world I think if this finance which has world invest in the creation of weapons if this money they should spend on those regions,countries,peoples which are spend their lives without the fundamental need’s of life,those people who have no availability of only two times food, if this money they should invest on the people of  south Africa & Thar Desert in Sindh Pakistan where people specially women’s and child’s are facing lack of nutrition,unavailability of fresh water,lack of medicines and other basic needs to live alive than I think whole humankind will live in the environment of peace,love and equality because it’s our world and this is the basic responsibility of all people that we should make it peaceful. But these things anyone person will adopted in his life and started thinking positively when he or she will be educated ,his mind will be loaded with the power of education and knowledge because with the education we learn that what’s wrong and right, only an educated person know that what’s the difference between war and Peace so education is very important for every child in this world. Education should be first priority of every state,country in all over the part of world that they should included in their responsibilities that in their country education will be provided to every child without any difference of gender etc.And I hope that when will in this world every child will be educated than world will going on right path.

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